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Layering outfits with my favorite blazers, faux furs and sweaters is one of my favorite things that come with the fall and winter season. Working with rich hues, plenty of texture and layers makes it easy to turn simple pieces into a luxe, styled look. I'm not a fan of the colder weather, so I turn to layering outfits as a way of dealing with the seasonal depression that always sneaks in. It's my way of having fun and creating pretty things to look at when the rest of the world looks pretty drab. 

ruched lace and silk skirt

Here are several tips for layering pieces in the fall and winter that always make getting dressed more fun for me:

1. Decide on a color and mood palette. Are you going for wintery white with silver accents? Rich jewel toned looks? A modern monochromatic outfit? Warm chocolate cocoa browns? A neutral outfit with hints of olive? Whatever your mood or palate is, go into your closet and look for pieces that work flawlessly with it.

2. Keep wearing the summer pieces that bring you joy. You can wear a silk camisole under a sheer blouse, layered with a blazer. A silk tulle skirt looks fabulous with some combat boots and a leather jacket. Those baggy black shorts can be layered with black tights and a long vest. Layer, layer, layer!

3. Don't be afraid to add color. I recently styled a black dot tulle set with a blush lace camisole and berry red handbag. The handbag brought a sense of cheer to the otherwise neutral outfit, while the blush camisole added warmth and softened the black and red pieces. 

4. Add fun textures. It's one of the most fun parts about dressing for the fall and winter seasons. Using different textures makes any outfit more interesting. I especially love playing with different textures when I'm wearing an all black ensemble. A black silk skirt, black feathery blouse, black leather belt, black faux fur vest and jeweled black velvet shoes is an outfit that will look seamless as long as the black tones don't clash. Texture adds dimension in places you want accentuated, and skims on areas you want to look sleek.

Just remember: Silk shines when you take a picture with flash. If you're layering with silk, think about where it's going to show. You don't want it to only show on your waist and hip area, because it will make you look bigger. Instead, wear it so it's only showing a thin line between your blazer lapels, on your shoulders or sleeves.

layered outfit for fall

5. Always dress in what makes you feel good. It doesn't matter how good the styling is. If it doesn't match your personality or the event you're going to, you'll feel weird. While it might be easy to just take outfit inspiration off an image you see on instagram, think about why you like the image. That will help you find your own personal style and also help you understand which of the pieces you already have in your closet with work with the look.

5. Keep evolving as you age. If you're still styling and wearing the same type of clothes you were five years ago, you should remain open minded to change. If it's working, good for you, but it always feels good to update your style and feel fresh again. You can wear the same pieces, just pay attention to the way you're styling them. Add a belt, some jewelry, a scarf. Wear that faux fur that's in the back of the closet waiting for a special occasion with a dress you've worn before and are now bored of. 

When I look back to the outfits I wore five years ago, I cringe. However, that's how I learned what I like now. I know I'm going to feel the same way in five years about some of the outfits I wear now, but that's part of the fun, right?

6. Think of your closet as your own personal store. Part of the reason everything in the stores looks so good is because of the way they are displayed. Take some time and lay your jewelry out on a mirrored tray. Line up your shoes according to color and heel height. Separate your jackets, dresses, pants, and tops. Make it easy for yourself to see what you have. 

7. Get rid of the pieces you will never wear. Donate anything you don't want anymore but do it with a sense of caution. I personally had a wide black belt in my closet for 5 years and never wore it, but kept it because I loved the texture. I recently wore it (you can see it in the images in this post) and loved how it made the outfit more interesting. 

8. Accessorize! Think of accessories as the finishing touch for your outfit. You don't have to wear a lot, but look at your carefully arranged pieces and choose at least one that completes the mood you are going for with your look. People will notice it.

9. Wear a good perfume or scent. There's nothing more attention grabbing than a well dressed individual gliding past you and leaving a faint waft of beautiful perfume whispering into your senses. Perfume helps tell your story and certainly helps lift your moody, seasonally depressed self into a more cheery place.

what to wear in the fall

What are your tips for styling outfits in the fall? Leave a comment below!

Feathery Blouse: Kate Stoltz
Seine River Skirt: Kate Stoltz
Wide Leather Belt and Faux Fur Vest: Spiegal
Earrings: Bass Jewelry
Sunglasses: Modo sunglasses
Foundation: YSL Beauty
Face Powder: Givenchy Beauty
Brow Care and Brushed: Billion Dollar Brows
Disclaimer: All of the brands tagged in this article gifted the pieces I mentioned in exchange for a feature on instagram. However, I love the pieces so much, I'm crediting them on here too!
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