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Winter Colors Posted on 26 Dec 13:48 , 0 comments

kate stoltz in new york cityWinter’s dreary days sometimes feel grey and colorless. As a creative that draws inspiration from my surroundings, it affects my mood and work extensively. I recently came across the photos shot by William Alden Manning. The outfit the stylist chose, and the surrounds that Manning scouted perfectly describe the after-Christmas-Day-with-your-family mood that I am currently feeling.

I’m a little glum that Christmas is over for the year, but humbled and thankful that I have a family that welcomes me home every year with open arms. My mom’s graciousness, my dad’s attempts at establishing a better relationship with me, and my sibling’s understanding of where I am in life always amazes me. Coming back to New York City after spending a couple days is a little overwhelming- not the city, but the idea that they still welcome me home. Especially after I left their religion and embraced a new lifestyle that goes against everything they believe in. If I wish anything for everyone in the world, it is that they can visit home at least every now and then, no matter where life leads them. Family is important.

Happy Holidays to everyone! XO- Kate Stoltz
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kate stoltz
Kate Stoltz shot by William Alden Manning in New York City