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Kate Stoltz NYC Black Lace Mermaid Dress Posted on 1 Nov 12:57 , 11 comments

How many pieces of fabric are used to make a dress? It highly depends on the design of the dress. The Kate Stoltz NYC Mermaid Dress has 92 pieces of fabric plus the zipper. The paneled dress is made to hug the figure, using custom measurements to tailor the dress. Fully lined with 100% silk, the Kate Stoltz NYC black lace dress has two layers of silk. One layer for the lining, and another to back the black lace exterior. Each seam is finished with a French seam to finish the dress, and to prevent fraying. The Kate Stoltz NYC dress takes approximately a week to create, starting with the pattern. Each seam is pressed and trimmed as the dress is sewn to achieve a polished look. Finally, the dress is finished by a hand sewn hem and label. All this work is done in New York City in the design studio of Kate Stoltz NYC.

The Golden Hour in Southampton Posted on 8 Aug 06:00 , 12 comments

kate stoltz nyc designer dress For an hour after sunrise, and an hour after sunset, windows in the distance glisten like gold. The waves shimmer and capture the golden light that is beginning to flood the sea, turning the waves into liquid gold. The breeze cools the earth, and the world is quieter. Natural light isn't too harsh, but there's enough light to see. It's relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful. There's a reason why this hour is called 'the magic hour'.

Sunrise on the beach in Southampton is especially beautiful- The caps of the waves glisten in the sunlight, and the beach settles the restless souls of the overworked humans that visit. I wanted to capture the feeling I had, leading to the design and relaxed fit of the Kate Stoltz NYC gold silk kimono dress. 

The Kate Stoltz NYC gold silk kimono sleeve dress is as comfortable as silk pajamas, but can be worn during the day or the evening. I finished the simple look with a pair of metallic sandals for a daytime look. Layer it with a longer sweater and lace up black patent leather shoes, and you'll have a trendy fall outfit that can be worn to work....

Gold Silk Kate Stoltz NYC Dress Details

Kate Stoltz NYC Gold Silk Dress Details 

Sandals: Vince Camuto
Kate Stoltz NYC designer Gold Silk Dress
Kate Stoltz NYC gold silk dress

Cotton Candy Street Art by Kate Stoltz Posted on 12 Feb 11:29 , 311 comments

kate stoltz nyc designer skirt

I'm always aware of my visual surroundings, sometimes to the point of neglecting other important details (like cars and other pedestrians). This cotton candy #colorsoftheyear street art on 10th Avenue and 50th Street in Manhattan caught my eye. The massive art stood out from the grey and brown sidewalks, sky and moods of the people around me. What a cheerful and artsy but unexpected encounter in the midst of Hells Kitchen in New York City! :)

kate stoltz nyc fashion designer

kate stoltz nyc fashion designer

 Skirt: Kate Stoltz pencil skirt

Shirt: Tory Burch

Dog: Victoria Stoltz instagram

Occasion: Victoria's 2nd Birthday

Location: 50th Street and 10th Avenue, Manhattan

The pencil skirt is a one of a kind piece that I (Kate Stoltz) designed.. If you really like the skirt but are a different size or want a different fabric, I make skirts upon special request. You'll need your waist, hip and preferred length measurements. The skirt is your oyster when you order a custom piece :) XO -Kate Stoltz