Waking up to a Winter Wonderland Posted on 11 Dec 14:07 , 0 comments

Isn't it a great feeling waking up to find the world transformed into a winter wonderland? Once the leaves fall to the ground, the outdoors start looking brown and drab, so I'm always delighted to see the world glistening with a fresh snow fall. The snow on every branch and brightens up the world and makes it look nice and clean. I always try to bundle up in a nice warm coat and take a walk or drive before the snow melts from the trees or the roads and sidewalks get trampled.

warm affordable winter coat

My little Morky, Victoria, doesn't love the snow as much as I do. She prefers having me carry her so her little legs don't have to flounder in the snow. I'll put her coat or jacket on unless the snow is really deep, in which case I'll carry her inside my own coat. Once she gets over her initial annoyance with the snow, she'll frolick around like a little puppy.
For this outing, I wore an olive Orolay jacket. Orolay is most commonly referred to as the 'Amazon Coat' since it's sold on Amazon and became quite popular after it was worn by so many people in the winter of 2018. The coats come in sizes small to XXL, are around $100 in over six different styles with many color options, so they are quite popular. I added the jackets to my Amazon Affiliates account so you can easily shop the jacket for yourself: Orolay Jacket.

amazon coat warm orolay jacket

(Full disclosure: I get a small portion of sales made directly through my Amazon Affiliates link, which I apply to the time spent writing this blog).
warm affordable winter coat
I'm currently sitting inside and see the snow slowly starting to melt from the branches. Snow is like anything in life, you have to enjoy it in the moment, it doesn't last long!
Coat: Orolay
XOXO, Kate Stoltz