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navy groovaluation jumpsuit
 While I prefer wearing gowns and clothing for special events for my brand, Kate Stoltz, I find approximately ninety percent of my life requires more casual clothing. Making patterns and sewing samples is anything but glamorous work- I'll wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or jumpsuit on most days. Wearing an outfit that is easy to style and clean is important to me while I am working. That way I can focus on completing the job instead of worrying about snagging or staining an expensive piece. I also cook a lot, and refuse to wear anything silk because grease does go well with silk.
The majority of the clothing in my closet are samples of pieces I have personally designed. As a result, my closet is a little more unbalanced than most. Over seventy five percent of my closet consists of gowns, evening dresses and silk blouses. The other twenty five percent consists of workout clothing, swimsuits, a handful of sweaters and several pairs of jeans. To balance out my wardrobe, I've been adding more wearable pieces to my rotation. I find jumpsuits easy to wear, quick to style and still stylish enough wear to go shopping for groceries.
navy groovaluation jumpsuit by kate stoltz
One of the jumpsuits that I'm especially excited about is Groovalution's navy jumpsuit. The button down jumpsuit has a tie waist, collar and sleeves that can be pulled up and buttoned. The details add a cute touch to the sturdy navy textile and is easy to style, making the jumpsuit a great piece to wear for every day tasks or running errands. The Groovalution jumpsuit can easily be worn with sneakers or a heeled pair of shoes depending on the occasion. I even wore it to cook dinner the other evening! 
Kate Stoltz cooking with Green Chef
My favorite pieces eventually become clothes to wear while painting, sketching and doing art projects if the textiles and seams hold up after multiple washes. I know this will be one of these pieces, since the construction and fabric seems stronger than most. 
What is your go-to wardrobe staple for staying chic while working on art projects?
XOXO, Kate Stoltz
Navy Jumpsuit: Groovalution 
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