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Slowing Down Time for a Weekend Posted on 30 Jun 13:09 , 0 comments

I took the day off yesterday to relax by the pool with two of my friends. I met both of them while we were all attending the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design, so we all had a great time discussing the current industry and what we are all currently working on. We ate fresh sandwiches from the local market and sipped on refreshing beverages. The pool helped keep up cool in the balmy June weather as we chatted. Sitting at a pool certainly wasn't a new experience for any of us, but it helped us appreciate the summer and slow down

Exploring the Island of Bermuda Posted on 16 Jul 12:00 , 0 comments

Where are the best beaches you'll want to visit during your trip to Bermuda? Jobson's Cove, Horseshoe Cove and the Pink Sand Beach were worth seeing, and beat my expectations for an island only an hour and forty five minutes away from New York City. However, my favorite beach in Bermuda was on a small, private island located at the tip of the island. A boat ride away from the main island, the beach was secluded with live coral, colorful fish and crystal clear blue water. 

Deep Sea Fishing off the Bermuda Coast Posted on 29 Jun 06:00 , 0 comments

boats at Bermuda Dock

What is there to do in Bermuda? First of all: the beaches are incredible. If you know where to go, you'll find a cove on the side of the bigger beaches where the water comes pouring in between tall rocks, calmly circling out again. The crystal blue waters are warm and calm, making swimming a pleasure. The large rocks jutting up from the beaches create a picturesque scene. Sitting on the dock at one of the restaurants overlooking the waters, you can enjoy fresh fish and locally sourced vegetables. And if you're up for it, you can rent a boat and head off shore to catch your own fish. 

kate stoltz deep sea fishing

 My own fishing experience was one of the highlights of my trip to Bermuda. Leaving the Bermuda shore on the fishing boat, we passed a wrecked ship that reminded me of the tales surrounding the Bermuda triangle... The aquamarine waters glistened in the sunlight, appearing to change colors as the water deepened. Sand reefs jutted up from the ocean floor, covered with only four or five feet of water. The shallow spots were covered with coral and ocean plants, easily seen from the boat through the clear waters.

shipwreck off Bermuda shore

Once we arrived at a good fishing spot, the captain and crew lowered the lines on the back of the boat- the ones they used to catch the big fish. Tuna and wahoo were known to swim in the area, so the goal was to have a fish to take back to hotel for the chef to cook for dinner that evening. After slowly circling around in that area, we were able to wrangle in a gorgeous silver wahoo that measured approximately three feet long.

After catching the wahoo, I and some of my friends were feeling a little green from the turbulence. We heading back to calmer water on the reef and threw out smaller, handheld lines until it was time to head back to shore. The chef at the hotel made wahoo crudo later on while the sun dipped down after another beautiful day in Bermuda.


Kate Stoltz

Sand Dunes and Sunsets of the Hamptons Posted on 5 Jul 08:27 , 4 comments

kate stoltz photography southampton Imagine if ten percent of Manhattan residents left their buildings at one time and tried to drive out of the city as fast as possible. That's what it feels like if you leave the city at 4pm on Independence Day Weekend. I left right after class, but still didn't beat the evening traffic. Traffic was so slow that I jumped out of the car to grab food at a deli while the driver kept driving. Five minutes later, I was back in the car- ready for the road trip.

 Even though the traffic can be horrendous, the drive to the Hamptons is worth it. I had the pleasure of staying in Montauk for the Fourth of July Weekend. The Hamptons are incredible for a good dose of visual inspiration. A casual and cool nautical theme is consistent through the towns, boutiques, homes, restaurants and of course, the outfits of the stylishly dressed visitors and locals. There are designer boutiques, delicious restaurants, barbecues, beach bonfires, and pretty much anything you could want at a beach except for Uber drivers....  

kate stoltz storm clouds in southampton

Storm clouds at Flying Point Beach, Southampton

 Pretty dunes on the beach and the beautiful sunsets make up for the fact that the water is too cold for most to go into. I made sure to take my camera with me wherever I went to capture the pretty sunsets and storm clouds. Here are a couple of my favorite snaps of the beach and of Hampton's nature.

 XO- Kate Stoltz

kate stoltz southampton sunset
Calm sunset in Southampton
XO- Kate Stoltz

Donkeys in Aruba Posted on 6 Jan 08:00 , 0 comments

Aruba is a small island with a beautiful beach, great food and a quick flight from New York City. Things you need to do while you're in Aruba include renting a Range Rover and exploring the island for a day. Take a short twenty minute drive to the eastern part of the island, and you'll come across cliffs, rocky beaches, cactus, and wild donkeys. The freely roaming donkeys were the most unexpected part of the trip: they ambled about munching on grass without a care in the world...
Aruba  from the airplane
Donkey in Aruba
cactus in aruba
fireworks in Aruba
Kate Stoltz in Aruba
Fireworks are legal in Aruba, so a couple of families were hanging out on the beach setting some off in the evening. Never afraid of trying something new, I lit a couple fireworks myself.
       Time feels quicker while traveling.
Near the sea, we forget to count the days.
XO, Kate Stoltz