Design Your Own Face Mask

$ 11.99

Design your own mask by choosing your choice of cotton, lace or silk fabric from an online source (we recommend Mood online) and we'll layer it with the correct textiles for a custom sculpted mask.

Get a second custom face mask (in the same fabric)at 50% off. Please note that the minimum amount of fabric we can buy for your custom mask is .5 yard, which determines the final mask price.

Available with or without filter pocket and nose wire.

-Expert construction and sewing by experienced artisans
-Adjustable 1/4 inch high quality braided elastic ear loops for maximum durability
-Finished with 1/8 inch top stitch
-Made to order in the USA
-All workers are paid fair wages for labor


1. Choose your fabric from an online store. We recommend: . We'll let you know if the fabric is too thick or isn't great option for a mask. Recommended fabrics are silk charmeuse, cotton shirting or lace over a cotton or silk charmeuse. We'll add a cotton layer and line it with it with either cotton or silk to achieve the appropriate thickness for a mask. (Fine fabrics such as lace or silk charmeuse will get a fourth layer since the lace doesn't act as a barrier)

2. Select the price range of the fabric PER YARD. EX: The Mood price per yard is $39.00. You choose the $30 to $40 price range on our website.

3. Include a direct link to your fabric choice in the order notes. We'll order the fabric for the mask through that link.

3. If you're choosing a see-through fabric like lace or eyelet, specify in the notes the fabric color you want behind the lace. 

4. If you have a lining preference (cotton or silk) make sure to specify in the order notes. 

Once you have placed your order, we will order the fabric and make the mask for you as soon as the fabric arrives. Fabrics arrive approximately 1 week after being ordered.

The finished mask is shipped out to you 1 to 3 weeks after the order is placed. (Let us know if you need us to rush it- we can ship it out in 1.5 weeks if you're in a hurry)

3/8" wide satin, 15" long OR elastic loops for ears

Made in the United States

DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical mask and is only to be used as an extra precautionary measure in addition to hand washing and refraining from touching your face as recommended by the CDC. Kate Stoltz masks are not proven to prevent contracting or spreading Covid-19.