Ambassador Program

The Kate Stoltz Ambassador Program enables brand ambassadors to make a 10%+ commission on sales generated using their unique discount code, get products for cost, occasionally receive products for free in exchange for a post on social media , along with the ability to give followers access to exclusive sales. To apply, fill out the form in the link: Ambassador Application 

What we are looking for in ambassadors: 

1. Genuine appreciation and excitement for the brand. We're looking for individuals that are genuinely excited about the Kate Stoltz brand and at least one of our products.

2. Individuals with an invested social media following. We're not as concerned about the number of followers you have as we are about the genuine interest they have in what you are doing.

3. Great style, high quality photography and a conscious mindset. Kate Stoltz is a made to measure brand that firmly believes in quality over quantity. We want to work with people that take pride in their work and believe in being responsible with the impact they have on the world. Our goal is to build long term relationships with individuals that will be able to generate positive, high quality content.

If you are accepted as an Ambassador, you will need to provide your shipping address and PayPal or other payment option. You will then be given access to ambassador benefits, which are highlighted below. 

Ambassador Benefits

1. 10% commission on all Sales Generated using your unique discount code (purchases using your personal purchase code are excluded)

2. 5% of a sale generated by an ambassador you help sign into the program.  The dream is to make money while you sleep or live your best life. The best way to work towards that goal is to refer ambassadors to our program. If we approve their request to be a Kate Stoltz ambassador, you will receive 5% of all the sales they generate with their unique code (excluding personal purchases, see 3).

3. Personal Purchases at the Price it Costs Us to Produce the Item Ambassadors receive discount codes that give them access to products at cost. That means you'll only be paying for the cost of materials and labor. The reason we provide products at cost is because we are trusting you to use the products to create awareness of the brand and generate sales. (Codes are only valid for personal purchases. Misusing a code will result in ambassador suspension, order cancellation, full price charge or other means necessary to correct actions.)

4. 15% off Discount Codes for Followers Ambassadors are given a unique 15% off discount code to share with their followers. This code helps you encourage people to purchase, and is also the way we track ambassador generated sales. 

5. Exclusive Sale Codes Instead of listing an item on sale on our website, we will be giving ambassadors the opportunity to give their followers a limited time, unique product sale code of up to 50% off on a specific item. This will help you get your followers excited about purchasing from Kate Stoltz.

6. Product Gifting We will occasionally reach out to ambassadors via email with the opportunity to apply for a select gifted product, especially when we are introducing new products. If you apply and are approved, we will send the product to you for free. You will then have 3 weeks after you receive the product to post a dedicated post on your social media. (Waiting longer than 3 weeks can result in a suspended account, and needing to pay 50% full price for the item. Extensions may be granted depending on circumstances but need to be approved)

7. Features on our social media channels. We value the time that you put into creating high quality content. Hashtag #katestoltzambassador . If we like your content, we will repost your image on our brand page and link the product in the image. This helps build awareness of your page , and shows our followers that you are one of our valued partners.

Apply to become an ambassador here: Ambassador Application