Bejeweled Multicolor Beetle Pink Plaid Straw Hat

$ 140.00

Pretty pink plaid ribbon with ice pink and white twisted cord with white lip, completed with multicolor bejeweled sequin and glass bead beetle appliqué.

The hand beaded beetle-shaped appliqué is composed of stacks of glittering gold sequins, iridescent blue bugle beads, and gold and aqua seed beads all with a rounded, dimensional shape.

The lightweight straw hat is made by hand by female artisans in the Myaraa workshop, then designed into the finished piece by added details in the Kate Stoltz studio.

Hat by Myaraa Details: Sustainably sourced straw is hand woven and sewn into a classic boater hat by experienced, fairly paid female artisans in the Myaraa workshop located in India. The artisans personally collect straw from local wheat fields, using high quality natural materials that are left in the fields after the farmers harvest the wheat. By paying their workers fair wages, Myaraa's founder, Namrata Lodha, prioritizes an ethical, sustainable and fair supply chain that starts with sourcing the fiber by-product by hand and then providing safe spaces for female artisans to turn the straw into an expertly made, light summer hat

Hat Size: 3.5" brim, 4" height 

Hat Made in India by local female artisans that are getting paid fair wages for their labor.