Crepe Back Silk Straw Boater Hat

$ 129.00

This straw boater hat and scarf is part of a limited edition collaboration between Myaraa (by Namrata Lodha) and Kate Stoltz.

Using a luxurious crepe back satin, the thin, long scarf has a saturated silk cord that adds a touch of color and accentuates the scarf’s natural drape. The natural straw boater hat has an adjustable string to adjust to head size.

Scarf Inspired by: Classic images from the 1960's of fashion icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy wearing straw hats with pink satin ribbons to social events, especially the sun drenched images taken in the South of France. Iconic photographs of wicker baskets being carried as a purse by Jane Birkin solidified the idea of marrying luxe crepe back silk with natural straw for a beautifully contrasting piece that can be worn with jeans and little black dresses alike.

Styling Tips: Both pieces were designed to be worn together or separately. The scarf can be worn on the straw boater hat tied around the chin to prevent it from flying off while you're out for a sail, or simply tied at the back of the hat (with the scarf covering the eyelets) for a more conventional look. This silk scarf can also be worn independently as a scarf with a white t-shirt, tied on your purse handle or simply tied around the head as a headband scarf. 

Meanwhile, the natural straw boater hat is lightweight and can be worn to protect you from the sun or simply to add some style to your outfits. The hat can be worn with the Brigitte Crepe Back Satin Scarf or with your own silk scarf or ribbon. Add the black Petersham ribbon to tie around the brim for a classic look that you can quickly switch into.

Hat by Myaraa Details: Sustainably sourced straw is hand woven and sewn into a classic boater hat by experienced female artisans in the Myaraa workshop located in India. The artisans personally collect straw from local wheat fields, using high quality natural materials that are left in the fields after the farmers harvest the wheat. By paying their workers fair wages, Myaraa's founder, Namrata Lodha, is leading the fashion industry with a more ethical, sustainable and fair supply chain that starts with sourcing the fiber and the artisans that harvest these fibers and eventually turn them into an expertly made, light summer hat.

Natural Straw
100% Silk

Scarf Size: 82" x 3.5"
Hat Size: 3.5" brim 

Black Petersham Ribbon Size: 72" x 3"

Scarf Made in the USA
Hat Made in India
Scarf and Hat are both made by local female artisans that are getting paid fair wages for their labor.