Blue Dinosaur Face Mask

$ 7.99

Kids dinosaur nonsurgical face mask with two layers. Mask should not be worn for a child younger the 2 years old.

Ships within 3 to 5 business days

Strings: 3/8" wide satin, 15" long OR white elastic loops for ears

Made in the United States

Textiles used:

100% Premium Cotton Twill
Trimmings used:

100% Polyester Satin Ribbon Ties or elastic ear loops 

CARE: You should wash the face mask after every exposure to the public use as the exterior can become contaminated. Hand-wash the mask in warm water with a minimum temperature of 90F (32C) and detergent, then hang to dry. For machine wash use, place the mask in a lingerie bag and wash with the delicate cycle, then hang to dry. Bleach is not recommended and will ruin the color of the mask. If the weather permits, hand it in the sun for an hour. Wash your hands for 30 seconds after removing the mask.

After washing, you can iron on low setting. It is recommended to use a silk fabric scrap between mask and iron as this will help lengthen the life cycle of the fibers.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical mask and is only to be used as an extra precautionary measure in addition to hand washing and refraining from touching your face as recommended by the CDC. Kate Stoltz masks are not proven to prevent contracting or spreading Covid-19.