Fall Winter 2022

The Kate Stoltz Fall Winter 2022 collection was inspired by a chic winter destination nestled in the midst of the Rocky Mountains: Aspen, Colorado. Fabric selections were influenced by silver mountaintops glittering in the sunlight, pine trees dotting winding fresh powder ski trails, white birch trees glistening with snow, and outdoor pros sporting plaid and rugged mountain gear mingling with fashion forward friends more interested in the local art and shopping scene.

The nature focused town inspired me to continue focusing on sourcing materials sustainably, resulting in all of the pieces (outside of two couture gowns, silk linings and a crystal trim) being made out of textiles from other designers that no longer had room to store them. High quality Italian wools, delicate knits, silver lamé and silk details brought together a collection of garments that are comfortable, versatile and will be able to outlast the current trends that helped influence them.