Kate Stoltz is the CEO of Developing Faces ,  a 501c3 nonprofit that specializes in high quality surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities living in developing countries around the world. Developing Faces is a non-profit tax exempt charity with unpaid officers.

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Developing Faces was founded by Robert Morin MD and Susan Kim in 2014, with the mission of greatly improving the kind of care given on international surgical missions. Developing Faces carefully selects highly qualified team members, providing the same kind of care one would expect from New York City's best plastic surgeons. Kate Stoltz got involved with Developing Faces after meeting Susan Kim, the then current CEO of Developing Faces. After hearing about the mission and the fact that every dollar donated went towards the patients themselves, Kate agreed to get involved as the spokesperson in 2014. In 2015, Kate joined the Board of Directors and got more involved with fundraising, planning missions and other duties. She took on the role of CEO in 2018.

 Kate Stoltz accompanied Developing Faces on a surgical mission to Developing Faces, where she fell in love with the culture, the people and the Mayan textile artisans that are world renowned for their beautiful handwoven products. Kate Stoltz is now partnered with Mayan artisans through a nonprofit that connects designers and ensures the artisans are paid fair wages. 20% of the sales goes towards Developing Faces, while 50% of the sales goes towards the Mayan Artisans. To support Developing Faces by shopping these beautiful products, visit: Handwoven Mayan Gifts.

kate stoltz developing faces 501c3 nonprofit charityDeveloping Faces's first mission was in Guatemala in March 2015. Paul Rosenburg MD and Robert Morin MD were the leading surgeons on the mission. Both are respected and highly trained plastic surgeons practicing in New Jersey and New York City. Dr. Rosenburg and Dr. Morin were accompanied by a team of qualified nurses and two administrators. Kate Stoltz accompanied the group as one of the administrators, helping out with organizational and administrative work in the hospital located in Guatemala City. The team performed 28 complicated surgical cases on their mission. The cases included ear microtia, bilateral cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate, along with You tube video of Developing Faces 501c3 charity in NYC other major deformities. The life-changing surgeries were performed on patients with a wide range of ages: babies to teenagers. You can watch the heart wrenching video documentary from the last mission on Youtube.

 Kate Stoltz is actively involved in Developing Faces throughout the year. Kate donates her time organizing fundraising events, planning the next mission trip and doing administrative work. She was the event coordinator and host of the 2015 Developing Faces Charity Gala in New York City. In 2016, Kate was named Head of the Event Committee. To see photos of the 2015 event, click HERE. For more coverage of the event, visit:

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To donate directly towards the mission, click on the Developing Faces logo:

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