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Custom Plus Size Fit and Flare Dress Posted on 24 Jan 14:29 , 912 comments

A custom plus size fit and flare dress was created for a plus size client. The dress was donated to a 501c3 nonprofit: Spring Lake Foundation, a charity that helps families and children in need.

A custom drape and pattern was created, then cut and sewn. The dress was fully lined with silk charmeuse and finished with hand stitching at the hem for a clean finished, comfortable lining.

To order your own custom dress, email: Please note custom dress orders start at a minimum of $400.00.

How to Make Shopping a Better Experience for Yourself Posted on 11 Jan 14:54 , 759 comments

Dressing up to go shopping is part of the fun! Shopping is an experience that you play a big part in creating. If you are dressed nicely, you'll feel more confident of yourself. When you enter a store feeling self confident, you'll be able to chat with the staff, who should be willing to talk about the brand and products with you in a way that is educational and helps inform your purchases. It's also important to be level headed about shopping and spend money on a few items that you'll love for years to come instead of feeling rushed to make purchases (continue reading...)

kate stoltz ruched lace dress

Introducing a New Draping Method Posted on 6 Jan 09:04 , 617 comments

The hammered silk skirt was made using a placket behind the measured ruching. Inspired by the trendy cord ruching that I am seeing everywhere but wanting something a little different and more refined, I came up with a new technique that looks especially incredible rendered in hammered silk. The silk is tacked onto a placket at measured intervals, leaving a precisely measured amount of ease between each attachment that causes the fabric to evenly drape. The skirt has the measured ruching along the right side of the skirt, lifting the ankle length skirt asymmetrically to show the leg while adding volume and dimension to the skirt.

ruched hammered silk asymmetrical draped skirt

Happy Holidays from Kate Stoltz Posted on 24 Dec 13:07 , 393 comments

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy holidays! Whatever you are celebrating this year, I wish you a joy filled season with family and love.


Kate Stoltz

happy holidays from kate stoltz

Holiday Giveaway Alert!! Fashion and Beauty Package Posted on 22 Dec 15:00 , 502 comments

I'm in the Holiday giving spirit and decided to do a giveaway across all of my social media and blog platforms! There's no purchase required to enter, just choose one of the participation options below to enter to win the fashion and beauty package giveaway. The value of the giveaway is $240.99.

Here are the items that will be included in the Giveaway package:

    1. Kate Stoltz silk twill Peonies Scarf ($95.00)
    2. Biolumière Anti Aging Cream ($79.99)
    3. 12th Tribe Beyond the Sea Pearl Earrings ($30.00)
    4. Undone Beauty Curator Wet to Dry Eye Palate ($14.00)
    5. 12th Tribe Kenna Leopard Tan Beanie ($22.00)
    6. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Sample ($0) 

fashion and beauty holiday giveaway

How to enter: Do ONE of the options below. You can enter as many times as you wish.

On your Blog: 

  1. Repost this blog post on your own site
  2. Go to the comment section of this post and tag three of your blogger friends that love fashion.

Facebook: Follow Kate Stoltz on Facebook and do one of the following: 

  1. Share this blog post on your own Facebook Page
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Instagram: Follow Kate Stoltz on Instagram and do one of the following:

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  2. Share the Post in your insta stories and comment 'Insta story Love' under the giveaway post
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  4. Comment on the 3 latest posts with 4+ words, then comment 'Love times three' under the giveaway post


Follow Kate Stoltz on Youtube and comment under your favorite video.


Follow Kate Stoltz on Twitter and retweet the giveaway post

Winner will be chosen at random using the Random name picker and will be announced in Kate Stoltz's Instagram stories on January 1st, 2020. Winner will be notified through the channel they entered the Giveaway.

Kate Stoltz wearing the Peonies Silk Twill Scarf Kate Stoltz wearing the Peonies Silk Twill Scarf. There's a new scarf just like this one included in the Giveaway!


Please note, this giveaway is not associated with Biolumiere, Undone Beauty, 12th Tribe, Carolina Herrera, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress or any other parties other than Kate Stoltz. The winner will be contacted and required to provide a shipping address in less than a week so that we can deliver the products. Waiting more than one week means that a second winner will be chosen and receive the products. Terms and conditions may apply to make this a fair giveaway.

Saving the Elephants Posted on 20 Dec 15:49 , 894 comments

Tens of thousands of elephants are killed illegally every year for their prized ivory husk. Criminal organizations are at the forefront of this crisis, creating problems for not only the elephants, but also for fighting wars and terrorism. Save the Elephants, a research & conservation organisation, was founded in 1993 with a dedication to fighting the elephant crisis. The charity's mission is to "secure a future for elephants and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live, to promote man’s delight in their intelligence and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species."
A following excerpt from the Save the Elephant's website describes the crisis perfectly: "At least 33,000 elephants are killed for their tusks each year in a devastating wave of poaching that is sweeping across Africa. This elephant genocide is driven by demand for ivory as a symbol of wealth or prestige

Useful, Fashionable Holiday Gifts Under $100 for Her Posted on 20 Nov 15:27 , 343 comments

If you're thinking you can't get any great gifts under $100 for the girl friend or boss that seems to have it all, think again. I complied a gift guide of my personal favorite designer items along with tried and true products that are sensible and fun. Each of the products has been researched and compared to other brands over the years as I tried to find things that I really wanted to spend my hard earned money on.

I carefully curated the list to make it easy for you to shop for close friends and people that you barely know. Regardless of job, income status or taste, most women above the age of eighteen would get excited about the following gifts, which are in order from lowest price to highest price: 

An Outfit for a Boat Ride and Nautical Inspired Dinner Posted on 24 Aug 11:01 , 629 comments

A crisp white button down shirt is an essential garment in any woman’s wardrobe, especially during the summer. The classic white shirt is a modest piece that can easily be rolled up and unbuttoned to fit the personality of the individual wearing the piece. I personally have several variations of white button down shirts in my closet: a crisp cotton, a soft silk shirt for dressy events, and a more casual piece that I wear as a coverup while lounging by the pool or on weekends. While a white button down is far from a groundbreaking style, it’s a solid

Watching Boats in the Harbor Posted on 14 Aug 06:00 , 523 comments

If there's one thing that makes me feel like I'm officially on vacation, it's being on a dock at a harbor with a row of million dollar yachts. None of the yachts are mine, but it doesn't matter the pretty boats gently rocking in the breeze remind me that I'm far away from my office. Far away from any dishes I need to wash, or laundry I need to fold. For now, all I need to do is not fall in the water. So far I've

Wearing a Scarf as a Headband Posted on 12 Aug 11:00 , 1192 comments

Headbands have become rather popular since they appeared in several recent major runway shows. I keep getting Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) vibes from several of the headband wearing fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram, making me even more excited that the show is getting a reboot (expected in the spring of 2020, who's watching with me?!). If styled correctly, headbands have a way of co