Large Fruit or Pastry Basket with Navy and Plum Detail

$ 25.00

Serve pastries and bread, use to hold fruit or vegetables on your counter or simply display in your home.
This handy straight-sided pine needle basket has natural, purple and blue raffia accents and is part of our series of similar baskets.

Pine needles with natural, purple and blue raffia
Approximately 10" wide x 3" high

Perfect for 10 inch pie plates, appetizers, pastries, breads, desserts, fruits and vegetables.

Handcrafted pine needle baskets from sustainably sourced longleaf pine needles and pajón, a native wild grass found in Guatemala. Heirloom-quality baskets with expertly woven, color coordinated fine stitches for beautiful, display worthy baskets.

Fair Trade
Pine needles and raffia

Made in Guatemala by Mayan artisans
We source directly with a non profit organization that supplies fair trade items directly from female artisans living in the Guatemalan highlands. The artisans use techniques passed down through generations to hand craft the baskets. Fair, direct wages from the baskets enable them to continue to improve their local economy and personal futures.

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