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Developing Faces surgical mission to Guatemala

Kate Stoltz is happy to announce that Developing Faces' next surgical mission is planned and coming up soon. Developing Faces will be in Guatemala from August 3rd to August 12th to perform surgeries on children and babies with cleft palate, cleft lips and other facial abnormalities. Hospital Angeles is once again welcoming the Developing Faces team to perform the surgeries in their hospital, with recovery rooms provided for the patients after their surgeries.

 The Developing Faces team will consist of Board Certified plastic surgeons from New York and New Jersey, accompanied by anesthesiologists, nurses and a patient coordinator/translator. Led by Dr. Paul Rosenburg from New Jersey, the teams' mission is to provide high quality care to as many patients as possible during the time spent in Guatemala. The focus will be on patients whose quality of life is negatively affected by their facial abnormalities. 

During the last Developing Faces mission to Guatemala, an overwhelming number of surgical candidates showed up seeking our help after hearing about the mission on the local radio. The Developing Faces surgery schedule quickly filled up from early morning until late in the evening. After the mission schedule was full, the surgical team reluctantly had to turn away the remaining surgical candidates. Our nurses ensured the parents that we would return on another mission, and reach out to them when we do.

Since the Developing Faces team returned to the United States after the last mission trip, we have been focused on preparing for this trip. Kate Stoltz and the rest of the board members have been working together to raise funds for the surgical supplies and the trip. The Plastic surgeons have been preparing a highly qualified and solid surgical team that would be accompanying Dr. Paul Rosenburg on the mission. We are eager to return Guatemala City to fulfill our promise to those parents and children, and grateful to every one of our generous donors that is making a return trip possible.

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