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Get to know the fabulous celebrity fashion stylist that helped style the winter 2015 Kate Stoltz NYC runway show: Lauren Abbondola

Kate Stoltz: Tell me a little about yourself and your background in the fashion industry.

Lauren Abbondola: I grew up in Long Island, New York. I've always been really into fashion, it was the only industry I could ever see myself working in. I applied to one school, FIT, and started there in 2009. During my junior year I took an internship with a renowned stylist. At the time she needed an assistant, so after just two months of interning, she hired me. I really just fell into styling, and it was exactly where I needed to be.

Kate Stoltz: What is your favorite part of being a stylist?

Lauren Abbondola: There are so many amazing things about it! Like working on set with super cool people, and always making friends. My favorite part has to be the final product; seeing your work in a magazine NEVER gets old.


Photo credit: Lauren Abbondola |Top Editorial Photo Credit: NYC Photographer Stephen Allesi

Kate Stoltz: You were the head stylist at the Kate Stoltz fashion show in January 2015. Which was your personal favorite Kate Stoltz piece, and how would you style that piece if given the freedom to mix and match with other brands to style it your way?

Lauren Abbondola: Ah, such a beautiful collection! My absolute favorite piece is the white leather flared skirt. For fall, I'd pair it with the long brown fur coat from Gucci FW15, and thigh high suede boots from Versace FW15. 

Kate Stoltz: As a stylist, you work with many women's wear designers in New York City. What is the key factor in deciding which clothes that you want to pull?

Lauren Abbondola: It depends on what I'm pulling for. In the planning process for an editorial, there is always a theme. I'm currently working on a gothic story for Nylon. I'll spend a few hours on selecting looks from each collection that will work for the story. You have to think outside of the box, sometimes something might not be obvious for the theme, but then think about adding something to it to make it that way. Sort of like pre-styling.

Kate Stoltz: Are there any emerging jewelry, handbag or shoe brands based in New York City that you are especially excited about?

Lauren Abbondola: I love Mary Lai bags, she knows how to design high-fashion yet everyday bags. My favorite one that I own personally is an all black leather bucket bag with fur in the front. The quality is amazing also. For jewelry, I always use Laruicci. Almost every editorial I've ever done has one of her pieces in it.

kate stoltz women wear designer mary lai handbag
Photo credit: Marylai 

Kate Stoltz: I know that you are a huge fan of Lady Gaga's style. Do you have any other major style icons that inspire you or that you personally resonate with?

Lauren Abbondola: I live for Gaga. I've always said that if I were super famous, I'd be exactly like her. I also live for Brigitte Bardot's classic style, she is one of my favorite inspirations. I could look at Brigitte Bardot pictures all day.

kate stoltz lauren abbondola interview laruiccikate stoltz lauren abbondola interview laruicci jewelry kate stoltz lauren abbondola interview laruicci jewelry
Photo credit: Laruicci

Kate Stoltz: So many people find it easy to simply follow the fashion trends instead of creating their own looks. It takes a little daring, some fashion knowledge and a lot of creativity to create a personal look, and it seems that you have nailed yours successfully. Do you have any simple advice for women that are struggling to find their own personal style?

Lauren Abbondola: When it comes to personal style, you have to not be so worried about "what's in, what's out". If it looks good, it won't matter. It is all about what you feel comfortable in. I've been wearing the same black skort for 3 years, it is my favorite piece that I own. I switch it up with different tops, jackets, shoes, etc. I also always recommend visiting a tailor; if you really love something...get it made just right for your body. Think about an outfit you can always depend on, and start shopping similar shapes and fit.

Kate Stoltz: Every girl's closet needs basic staples, but sometimes the black blazer and skinny jeans or little black dress start to feel boring and ordinary. What is one under-rated but versatile clothing item that every woman needs to have for the upcoming fall?

Lauren Abbondola: Whenever I do personal styling/shopping, I always recommend a really great leather jacket. A moto style is my personal favorite. Every season I buy a new pair of black boots, preferably tall ones. I also think every woman needs a great skirt, they are so versatile. A perfect day-to-night piece with just a change of shoes or top.

Kate Stoltz: Aside from being a stylist, are there any other artistic activities that you like to get involved in?

Lauren Abbondola: It's kind of funny, most of my creativity is focused on styling. As for other activities I love going out and dancing. I get super inspired by just being out in the world, meeting people, and experiencing what's out there.

Kate Stoltz: What excites you most about your upcoming future?

Lauren Abbondola: I'm looking most forward to travelling, and getting to work all over the world. I look forward to new ideas, new people, and doing what I love. That is why I started the "Glitterita" lifestyle, it is about doing whatever makes you happy.

Kate Stoltz: Stylists can make any designer's pieces look trendy, and have incredible fashion taste. What is your advice as a stylist to me and other emerging designers in Manhattan?

Lauren Abbondola: I think just collaborating with stylists in general is a great idea. A stylist will tell a designer what they need more of, or less of. With me, I'm always looking for something extra, I'm an editorial something with a twist always gets me excited. I love talking to designers when they are working on a new collection, learning about what has inspired them, what their audience is, etc.

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           Happy styling! XOXO -Kate Stoltz