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Is your wish list and gift list ready for Black Friday? As we eagerly anticipate the sales, I'd encourage you to make lists so you know what you need, and send your wishlist to people that are wondering what you want. That will prevent purchases you'll regret, and you'll save money on your holiday shopping. I carefully curated a list of holiday gifts under $100 for the women in your life.

holiday gift ideas for her under $100

You'll find several of my personal favorite designer items, along with tried and true products that make useful, fashionable and fun gifts. The list is tightly edited to make it easy for you to shop for both close girl friends and people in your life that you don't know well. I personally used and compared most of the products to other brands over the years. I only added products that I would add to my own wish list.

Make your life easy and forward this email to friends that are asking for a wish list if you like some of the items on the list. Before pressing send on the 'forward email', delete the items you don't want, then send your personalized list. If you don't ask for what you want, you probably won't get it!

 Regardless of job, income status or taste, there's something here for all women above the age of eighteen. The gifts are listed from lowest price to highest price.

The Holiday 2019 Gift List Under $100

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1. Amazon Gift Card $1.00 to $2,000.00 If you truly don't know what she will want for her holiday gift, give her an Amazon gift card with whatever amount works for you. She can then go shopping on her own and get something she needs. I would encourage you to look at the rest of the list first though- there are great, thoughtful gifts that any woman would appreciate.

2. 2020 Planner $7.99 to $90.00 A great gift for that boss lady in your life that could use help staying organized. Digital planners are great, but I prefer the physical planner I keep on my kitchen countertop.

3. Waggles Treats $6.99 or Biodegradable Waste Bags $20.44 Don't forget a small gift for her dog or cat if she has one! A simple pack of dog treats with a bow wrapped around it will make her feel like you went the extra mile to make her holiday special. Waggles carries non GMO, high quality products at prices that rival other retailers. I recently discovered Waggles's biodegradable waste bags, which are a major bargain: 50 rolls for $20.44. I always hated adding more plastic waste to the earth while walking my own dog, Victoria, and love having an environmentally friendly option. Use code WAGSTOLTZ for 10% off storewide on

4. Designer Coffee Table Book $12.47- $89.99  Little Book of Chanel: $12.47, Alexander McQueen: $35.00, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams $42.51, Balenciaga and Spain: $48.44, Tom Ford: $89.99 . These are my personal favorite books I have on my shelves and are all iconic designers that most women know about. They are beautiful additions to a coffee table or bookshelf and filled with fascinating stories and inspiring images. Even the $12.47 Little Book of Chanel is a treasured, inspiration filled book that would make a great socking stuffer.

5. Kate Stoltz Embellished Hair Bow $15.50 - $39.00 (Typically $59.00 to $80.00) These hair bows are certainly for the more feminine girl on your list. I wouldn't recommend gifting one of these hair clips if the woman you are gifting wears a lot of black eyeliner and listens to heavy metal. However, if she loves to do her hair and makeup and dress up in feminine, more extravagant outfits, these hand crafted artisanal hair bows are a great gift. They're also perfect for younger girls for special occasions. They're at the lowest prices you'll ever see for Black Friday.

6. Lambskin Leather Touchscreen Gloves $15.99 I received these as a gift last year and they saved my hands while I was carrying groceries and walking my dog, Victoria. They are warm, but thin enough to keep in the pocket of your jacket so you never have to be without gloves. The fleece lining keeps your hands warm and the black leather is polished. These gloves look really great too, but I haven't personally worn them: Coach Leather Gloves $95.00

7. Fisher's Finery Silk Pillowcase $25.99 A silk pillowcase leaves your hair more silky, and many people claim it helps prevent premature skin wrinkles. The Fisher's Finery pillowcase won the Good Housekeeping award, so I'm sold. I don't have one of these yet, but I keep thinking I'm going to get one.

8. Ivory Ella Fuzzy Socks $16.00 or Pom Pom Hat $34.00 or T-Shirt Hoodie $42.00 Use code IVESTOLTZ to get 15% off storewide. Ivory Ella is a brand that is dedicated to helping save the elephants. They donate a portion of sales to animal rescue organizations, which is a great story for you to tell the person you are gifting. Their pom pom hats and t-shirt hoodies come in various colors and designs and are very wearable for every day. I personally bought the Pistachio t-shirt hoodie and fuzzy socks and love them.

9. Battery Pack for an iPhone $22.99 Everyone can use a spare charge, especially if your friend works on her phone a lot.

10. Procella Umbrella $23.99 You should have several umbrellas: one for the car and two in the coat closet in case a friend comes over and needs one for the way home. I've used Procella for years and find they are much stronger in the wind than rival brands.

11. Swell Water Bottle $25.00 to $45.00 A reusable water bottle for the environmentally conscious or frugal girl friend.

12. Bamboo Throw Blanket $26.99 to $49.99 Bamboo throw blankets are nice and warm, and look beautiful thrown or folded on a couch. I have 3 on my own couch!

13. Splash of Ink Silk Twill Scarf Sale: $29.00 or Kate Stoltz Peonies Scarf Sale: $49.99 (Typical Prices: $75.00 + $95.00 ) You're right, I'm definitely biased since I designed the scarves. However, silk twill scarves are having a major moment right now and won't be going out of style anytime soon. Your girl friend can tie the scarf onto the handle of her bag, wear it as a top, around her neck or as a belt. The peonies scarf is perfect for the woman that likes pink, while the Splash of Ink's grey and black colors work for anyone that avoids overly feminine clothing. Each scarf arrives gift wrapped with white tissue paper and a ribbon in a scarf box. You can include what you want the card to say and Kate Stoltz will include a short handwritten message in the card.

14. Acqua di Parma's Rosa Nobile $34.28 or Salvatore Ferragamo's Signorina $91.75 Perfume. I wear a lot of different perfumes throughout the year. Wearing perfume and applying a good eye cream are an important part of my daily morning ritual. I always feel more confident and beautiful when I'm wearing a great perfume . Out of all the perfumes I have tried or used, these are my two favorites. Both scents are fresh, not too sweet or heavy, and are fairly likable no matter your gift recipient's scent preferences.

15. Tom Ford Lipstick $45 - $55.00 The colors I linked would work with any skin tone. Tom Ford's coveted label and beautiful packaging make this a great gift that will be cherished by someone obsessed with makeup. Do keep your gift recipient's typical makeup in mind while you are choosing. Does she usually wear a dark lip or more natural colored lip stain? Give her something in her comfort level and let her do the experimenting on her own.

16. Nest Reed Diffuser $48.00 A beautifully scented diffuser that works well for your friend's bathroom or bedroom.

17. Head in the Clouds Sweater $50.00 This white sweater is a dream! The fit is slouchy and comfortable without being bulky, meaning if you're off by one size you'll be fine. The carefree knit pattern works for women of all ages. Young girls can wear it with denim shorts and a belt, while a more mature woman can style it with a blazer, wool suiting pants or jeans.

18. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker $55.40 This small, powerful, waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for the nature lover or city girl alike.

19. Aspen Escape Cream Sweater $58.00 I know, another sweater. But this one is just as fabulous, with a warm cream color that compliments any skin tone. Trust me, any woman can use more sweaters, especially in the winter time. This sweater is a great one to wear to a holiday party with fabulous jewels, while going out for dinner in Aspen, or simply relaxing in the house on the weekends.

20. Aesop's soap $58.90 Aesop's hand soap is among the best I have used while staying in hotels while traveling or in the bathrooms of nice restaurants in New York City. Their soaps are certainly more expensive than most, but smell absolutely divine. If the girl you are shopping for is more frugal, she can keep it for when she has guests. It's the type of soap that people talk about after going to the bathroom.

21. UGG slippers $44 - $85.00 I'm not an Ugg boots type of girl, but I do love my UGG slippers in the wintertime. I keep a pair under the bed for when I get up in the morning, and wear them for breakfast.

22. Leatherology Passport Cover and Luggage Tag $75.00 to $95.00 For the lady that loves to travel. There are plenty of pretty colors to choose from.

23. Plush Spa Bathrobe $89.00 This is a gift for the woman you know personally: your mother, daughter, grandmother, girlfriend or sister. A nice robe makes self care at home significantly more luxurious. I would advise to shy away from going for a cheaper robe. If you want a cheaper gift, go with something lower priced on this list. In order for a robe to be a luxe gift that will be treasured, you want to give one that is a great quality. 

23. Gyllen Watch $195.00 - 15% = $165.05 Ok, this one is well over $100, but Gyllen's watches are made in Switzerland and are truly a steal for the design and quality. The Emily White Gold watch looks expensive, and is my personal favorite. However, they also have pretty gold and rose gold watches. Each watch arrives in an elaborate watch box with a suede interior and pillow. I recently became a brand partner, which gives me the ability to give you a 15% discount code: GS15STOLTZ, bringing the price down to $165.05

Did we miss gifts that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments. Love some of the ideas but would recommend a different brand? I love feedback, so let me know you thoughts!

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Have a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving and fun Black Friday. 
Kate Stoltz

holiday gifts for her under $100

Disclaimer: Some of the products are linked to my Amazon Associate's page. I receive a very low percentage of sales made directly through the link, which goes towards paying for the significant amount of time spent creating and posting this list. However, I carefully curated the list to include only products that I personally use and have spent my own money on. I value your trust in my opinion, and worked hard to make sure you wouldn't be disappointed. In addition, I partnered with Waggles, Gyllen and 12th Tribe: All brands are ones that I personally love and spent my own money on before partnering with them.