Stand Strong and Tall- You Got This Posted on 20 May 12:49 , 2 comments

I work at home a lot, often opting for a sweater and jeans while sketching, sewing, and draping. By the time I head out to run errands, go shopping for supplies, or meet up with friends, I am ready to dress up a little more. The confidence boost I get from wearing a strong outfit is unbeatable- I feel more prepared to take on whatever I need to get done. 
merino wool dress
The Merino Wool Dress was designed with the intention of increasing the confidence in the individual wearing the dress. Strong shoulders, long sleeves and a knee-length skirt all cover the body in a modest fashion, while the nipped waist and body skimming seam lines keep the dress from becoming too matronly. A hand pick stitch along the seams finishes the dress.
The black wool dress is made using Superfine 120's Merino Wool from Italy. The Italian wool suiting is delicate enough to be worn in the spring, summer evenings and fall, but layers beautifully in the wintertime with a jacket. 
Merino Wool Dress: Kate Stoltz
Mother of Peal Earrings: Surface Handmade
Ring: Bonheur
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