Walking Around The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Posted on 23 Apr 15:40 , 404 comments

I spent my Easter weekend in Boca Raton, Florida, where I lived for a year before moving to New York City. During my stay, I visited The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - located in Delray Beach close to Boca Raton. The walk around the pond is a relaxing stroll a little less than a mile. Along the path are benches, koi ponds and tropical flowering plants. The serene, expansive Japanese gardens are the perfect place to catch up with a friend or simply enjoy nature. If you're wondering where to go in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, the $15 admission fee is well worth it.
Japanese Garden in Boca Raton
I wore the Kate Stoltz Mykonos Dress- a light and flowy dress appropriate for the tropical eighty degree weather- paired with black Siegerson Morrison sandals, long Leigh Miller Seapod Earrings and the Kokha Numbers Mini Safe. Leigh Miller is a jewelry designer based in LA, and I'm in love with her work. Each piece is made individually in California, and the quality in both the materials and the workmanship is outstanding. Kozha Numbers is a brand that produces all of their handbags in Portland Oregon, with a focus on quality handcrafting methods.
kate stoltz dress
kozha numbers handbag mini safe
As a fashion designer that specializes in high quality made to measure pieces, I love finding other brands that are equally as invested in attention to detail, high quality materials and traditional workmanship.
 To shop the pieces or see the designer's full collections, visit the direct links below:
Dress: Kate Stoltz
Handbag: Kozha Numbers
Earrings: Leigh Miller
Shoes: Siegerson Morrison
XOXO, Kate Stoltz
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