Accepting My Parent's Religion Posted on 25 Jul 12:03 , 29 comments

When I first left the Amish community, I was angry, upset and hurt. I never fit into the culture. I was free-spirited, independent and didn't like the rules. I had no problem talking about how much I hated the ministers of the Amish church, and the way they wanted me to follow their idea of how I should live my life. I wanted to leave and never go back except visit my family. The life we chose doesn't have to be adventurous, glamorous, confined or anything in particular. It can be whatever suits our individual personalities and ambitions. Humans now have global access to information about different cultures, religions, ideas and lifestyles. We have to choice to choose what we want to be, then pursue it with all of our heart. As a friend once told me when I was doubting myself as a fashion designer: "Decide what you want to be, then become it. No excuses."