Exploring the Island of Bermuda Posted on 16 Jul 12:00 , 0 comments

boat on Bermuda coast
Where are the best beaches you'll want to visit during your trip to Bermuda? Jobson's Cove, Horseshoe Cove and the Pink Sand Beach were worth seeing, and beat my expectations for an island only an hour and forty five minutes away from New York City. However, my favorite beach in Bermuda was on a small, private island located at the tip of the island. A boat ride away from the main island, the beach was secluded with live coral, colorful fish and crystal clear blue water. 
best beaches to visit in Bermuda
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The shores of Bermuda made the short boat ride out to the island picturesque, with small inhabited islands scattered right off shore. At the tip of the island, there was a small, secluded beach where we could anchor, jump in the water and walk to shore. Prepared with a lunch in a cooler and a good book, I spent the part of the day on the sand enjoying a story. The other half of the day, I spent walking around the island. Colorful live coral, little fish and beautiful rocks were clearly visible through the crystal clear waters.
beautiful private beach in Bermuda
colorful coral