Kate Stoltz Greece Capsule Collection photographed overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea in the charming village of Emporio, Greece Posted on 16 Jan 12:39 , 0 comments

Why we chose Emporio for the shoot location: Emporio is a village on the island of Thira (Santorini) Greece. Santorini is well known for blue domed churches and white painted cavelike houses built into steep cliffs overlooking a sparkling blue ocean. A deluge of tourists flood the island during the day from cruise ships, while international guests flock to the towns of Oia and the capital, Fira. While Oia and Fira are especially crowded, the village of Emporio is still little known to most travelers. The quiet was the perfect place for us to photograph the collection, given we wanted to capture the collection without interruption or waiting for tourists to step out of the picture.

Emporio’s architectural landscape consists of winding steps and pastel stone walls with small windows. Some areas have been left to naturally deteriate - the stone walls crumbling to the ground they were taken out of.

A local sailor informed me that most of the churches were funded by wealthy religious travelers that were caught at sea during a storm. They promised God they would build a church if they made it to shore. There are over 250 churches on the 11.18 mile long island.

INSPIRATION: Before traveling to Greece, I studied the architecture, landscape and flora of the islands I was visiting. Architecture and nature are my main inspirations while designing. Greek nature is natural and fluid with colorful bougainvillea blooming abundantly. In contrast, Greek architecture is mostly straight and simple. The juxtaposition of elements made designing the pieces especially enjoyable.

It was important to me that we captured (in the photos) the jagged shoreline, the rugged cliffs, and the sea that sparkled like diamonds in the sun. It was a photo set that only nature and the location could provide. The afternoon light was gentle to the complexion but brilliant, streaming through the doorways and illuminating the pieces. The architecture in Emporio provided a charming backdrop with straight lines and pastel colors.

COLLECTION DETAILS: Delicate silks, luxurious satins, fine lace and wools were embellished with silk embroideries, semi-precious crystals and lace appliqués. The collection was made in New York, New York by the designer, Kate Stoltz, in her design studio, along with her team of local production professionals. Each piece was made with the greatest attention to detail, striving for excellence in construction, design and fit.

CREDITS: Matt Licari, a photographer that traveled from New York City, and Sissi Petropolous, a makeup artist based in Athens, Greece. Model and designer: Kate Stoltz

FAVORITE DINING SPOT IN SANTORINI: Ammoudi Bay Fish Tavern, a sea side restaurant in Ammoudi Bay, right next to Oia. You can sit on the dock by the water, and eat fresh fish caught early that morning by the local fishermen and fisherwomen.