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Blue Cotton Shirting Dog Scarf Posted on 2 Jul 06:00 , 1 comment

button down blue cotton dog scarf

 We have a new Victoria Stoltz dog accessory line that we are very excited about. The pet wear line consists of luxe cotton shirting bandanas and scarves for dogs. With summer temperatures making it too hot too wear a jacket, we found ourselves wishing we had something to dress up Victoria in. Cue the small dog scarves made with fine cotton shirting. Button down details on some of the scarves add a touch of cuteness without straying from the streamlined appearance we were striving for.

blue cotton dog bandana

 The Blue Cotton Shirting Dog Bandana is one of the lighter options. We kept the bandana one layer of fabric instead of making it reversible, making it a great choice for warmer summer days. However, check the temperature before putting the scarf on your dog. If it gets hot and humid, and you and your dog are planning to walk outside in ninety degree temperatures, we suggest removing the bandana until you are in cooler, air conditioned temperatures. The comfort of your pet should always come before a fashionable wardrobe, no matter how much you love the piece.

 To see and shop dog bandanas in different colors and styles, click on the following link: Dog Bandanas and Scarves . The options include reversible, two- toned scarves in different fine cotton shirting fabrics. Let us know which one is your favorites, and which colors you would love to see. We are always listening to our customer's suggestions and requests.

Kate Stoltz
Victoria Stoltz is wearing the Blue Cotton Shirting Dog Bandana, available at the following link: Blue Cotton Shirting Dog Bandana 

What Size Jacket Do I Need for My Dog? Posted on 24 Oct 06:00 , 0 comments

couture boucle dog jacket made in nycWhat size jacket do I need for my dog? It's a common question asked by people shopping for dog jackets for their furry friends. Taking the time to measure your dog and getting the proper size jacket is an important part of preparing your dog's wardrobe for the winter. A well fitting jacket makes it easier for your dog to adjust to the feeling of wearing clothing, and is an important step to getting them to appreciate wearing a coat.

To measure your dog, use a tailor's measuring tape. If you don't have one, you can use a piece of ribbon, and measure the length with a ruler. Don't pull it too tight while measuring, it should be comfortable.

To measure your dog's neck, measure around the neck where a collar would typically go. 

To measure your dog's back, measure from the bottom of the neck to beginning of the tail.

To measure your dog's chest, measure around the body right behind the front legs, wherever the chest is the largest.

A size chart for dogs: 


Common Breeds: Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle

Neck: 5.5"  Back: 7"  Chest: 12"


Common Breeds: French Bulldog, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel

Neck: 6.5" Back: 9"  Chest: 15"


Common Breeds: Pug, Bulldog

Neck: 8"  Back: 13" | Chest: 19"


Common Breeds: Boxer, German Shepherd

Neck: 10" | Back: 17" | Chest: 24"

Good luck measuring your dog, and don't forget to give them a treat when you are finished! XOXO, Kate Stoltz

To check out Victoria Stoltz puppy couture, (the dog clothing line by Kate Stoltz), click on the photo below to browse.

victoria stoltz dog jacket