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Exploring NYC in the Red Cashmere Dog Coat Posted on 19 Mar 06:00 , 0 comments

Walking around New York City is always fun, but it quickly gets too cold for small dogs in the winter time. Wearing a little dog jacket is important for smaller breeds to stay warm while walking to the pet shop for delicious treats. Staying fashionable is just as important in case we run into some furry friends or make some new dog friend along the way.
red cashmere dog coat made in nyc
Victoria wore a Victoria Stoltz Red Cashmere Jacket on a recent excursion in the city. The little cashmere dog jacket is fully lined with silk, and closes with 3 black snaps in the center front. The button hole at the center back allows the leash to be easily attached .
cute dog clothing made in nyc
urban dog in columbus circle nyc
To order a custom cashmere for your little dog, include his or her neck, chest, and back length measurements with your order. Find the jacket at the following link:
Red Cashmere Dog Jacket : Kate Stoltz 
Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your winter!
Kate Stoltz and Victoria 

Dressing Your Dog for Holiday Parties Posted on 07 Nov 10:44 , 0 comments

crystal embellished dog hair bowYou are busy shopping for the holidays, buying gifts and clothing to wear to special occasions and holiday parties. Shopping lists are crossed off, gifts are wrapped, the tree is decorated and now the whole apartment smells like pine. Even your dog is freshly groomed and smells like the pampered royalty he or she always is. Now a very important question in your dog's mind arises: what is he or she going to wear to the Holiday Party of the Year? 

 The fine line between cute dog clothing and dog clothing that steps into the territory of weirdness makes dressing a dog just as difficult as dressing yourself.  It's easy to throw a jacket on your dog to keep him or her warm when going for a short walk, or even a cute sweater and skirt when walking around Soho on a shopping spree. It's an entirely different ballgame when you are dressing your dog for the family Christmas party, or the annual Hanukkah dinner with people that are much older and wiser than you are (or younger and without your sense of style).

The Victoria Stoltz Holiday Hair Bow line was created for the holiday events that require a dog to be fashionable without looking like a dressed up teddy bear. The crystal embellished velvet hair bows are all handmade in Kate Stoltz's New York City design studio, using couture sewing techniques. Even the clasp of the hair bow was carefully selected by Kate, who tested five other versions before finding one that met her high standards of aesthetic appeal and durability, while staying in Victoria's hair through shaking, scratching and playing.

 Brushing your dog's hair till it's silky, then clasping it back with a crystal embellished couture bow is the cutest way to dress up your dog without having your boss, family or co-workers question your maturity.

crystal embellished hair bow for dogs

With all that being said, we are in the business of fashion and love being a little extra at all times. So, if being extra or weird is you and your furry friend's thing, then do it right and dress your dog up until she looks like she just stepped out of a miniature Lady Gaga closet, or is ready walk the red carpet for celebrity dogs. Just make sure to finish the look with a couture, crystal embellished hair bow.
XOXO, Kate Stoltz
shop the Black Crystal Elegance bow, and browse other colors by clicking the following link: Victoria Stoltz Couture Holiday Hair Bows


What Size Jacket Do I Need for My Dog? Posted on 24 Oct 06:00 , 0 comments

couture boucle dog jacket made in nycWhat size jacket do I need for my dog? It's a common question asked by people shopping for dog jackets for their furry friends. Taking the time to measure your dog and getting the proper size jacket is an important part of preparing your dog's wardrobe for the winter. A well fitting jacket makes it easier for your dog to adjust to the feeling of wearing clothing, and is an important step to getting them to appreciate wearing a coat.

To measure your dog, use a tailor's measuring tape. If you don't have one, you can use a piece of ribbon, and measure the length with a ruler. Don't pull it too tight while measuring, it should be comfortable.

To measure your dog's neck, measure around the neck where a collar would typically go. 

To measure your dog's back, measure from the bottom of the neck to beginning of the tail.

To measure your dog's chest, measure around the body right behind the front legs, wherever the chest is the largest.

A size chart for dogs: 


Common Breeds: Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle

Neck: 5.5"  Back: 7"  Chest: 12"


Common Breeds: French Bulldog, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel

Neck: 6.5" Back: 9"  Chest: 15"


Common Breeds: Pug, Bulldog

Neck: 8"  Back: 13" | Chest: 19"


Common Breeds: Boxer, German Shepherd

Neck: 10" | Back: 17" | Chest: 24"

Good luck measuring your dog, and don't forget to give them a treat when you are finished! XOXO, Kate Stoltz

To check out Victoria Stoltz puppy couture, (the dog clothing line by Kate Stoltz), click on the photo below to browse.

victoria stoltz dog jacket