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Smoked Salmon Brunch Bites Posted on 19 Jul 15:58 , 0 comments

Looking for some delicious finger food recipes for the next brunch you are hosting? Take the tasty lox sandwiches and make them appropriate for the occasion. The delicious bagel sandwiches are the perfect size to serve when you have friends over for brunch (or lunch). One of the most important pieces of getting this recipe right is to start with freshly baked bagels and quality smoked salmon. I used 

smoked salmon appetizer recipe

Kate Stoltz Holiday Cheesecake Squares Posted on 20 Dec 13:40 , 1 comment

 Your Holiday cheesecake doesn't have to be boring. Spice up your cheesecake presentation with a couple of simple, quick touches with ingredients that might already in your refrigerator.

When I prepare a cheesecake that will be served after a big meal to a large number of guests, I like to bake the cheesecake in a 13x9 baking pan instead of a regular cheesecake pan. The small squares make it easier for guests and friends to take a smaller pieces than the pie slices. When there are a couple of other desserts on the table and the main course has been enormous, not many people want an enormous piece of cheesecake.

Kate Stoltz Layered Almond Carrot Cake Recipe Posted on 20 Jun 16:14 , 8 comments

This delicious layered almond carrot cake can be altered, but this is my personal favorite version of my carrot cake recipe. If you don't like almonds, you can substitute them for pecans or walnuts, or just eliminate them. You can also serve as a single layer cake to save time, but the layers nicely distribute the frosting between the cake.

kate stoltz nyc carrot cake recipe