Kate Stoltz Holiday Cheesecake Squares Posted on 20 Dec 13:40 , 1 comment

 Your Holiday cheesecake doesn't have to be boring. Spice up your cheesecake presentation with a couple of simple, quick touches with ingredients that might already in your refrigerator.

When I prepare a cheesecake that will be served after a big meal to a large number of guests, I like to bake the cheesecake in a 13x9 baking pan instead of a regular cheesecake pan. The small squares make it easier for guests and friends to take a smaller pieces than the pie slices. When there are a couple of other desserts on the table and the main course has been enormous, not many people want an enormous piece of cheesecake.

 I like the classic recipe that is on the inside of the Philadelphia cream cheese packages, but this time I used this one: Philly Cheesecake recipe. Either recipe is delicious.

To decorate my cheesecake platter, I simply coated blackberries, strawberries or blueberries in melted chocolate. I placed the coated berries onto the already sliced and plated cheesecake squares, then drizzled the rest of the chocolate over the cheesecake. I waited to add the fresh, uncoated berries until right before serving, since they tend to leak a little fruit juice if placed on top of a moist cheesecake.

Remember, people eat with their eyes first. Have fun and add sprinkles, candy, chocolate chips or chocolate emojis if you're fortunate enough to find them :) Enjoy! -Kate Stoltzthanksgiving-holiday-cheesecake-by-kate-stoltz-