Indigo Blue Ikat Table Runner

$ 45.99

Beautiful Indigo and Jaspe Table Runner features edge stripes of indigo and white jaspe (also known as ikat in other parts of the world) designs. A meaningful and beautiful addition to any table setting. Entirely handwoven on the traditional backstrap loom by weavers in Sololá,

To create jaspe, prior to weaving, the artisan binds and ties knots along the warp threads to create a pattern that resists color when submerged in the dye bath. After they are dyed, the threads are dried, untied, and carefully added to the other warp threads and placed on the loom to be woven. As the weaver weaves, the patterns she had planned in the jaspe are revealed. The textiles our artisan partners weave on the backstrap loom are typically warp-faced, meaning the dominant design is seen in the warp or along the length of the textile. Jaspe designs are often drived from or inspired by nature.

Handwoven on the traditional backstrap loom, finished with hand-twisted and tied fringe. Indigo color as shown; jaspe designs vary. Natural indigo dye is used to give this runner its distinctive appearance and lovely subtle color variations. To prevent transfer, wash separately the first few times. Available in two lengths.  

Handwoven on the backstrap loom' hand-knotted fringe. Available in two lengths

100% Cotton
Fair Trade
14" wide x 60" long or 14" wide x 72" long, not including fringe
Cold water wash separately, line dry
Made in Guatemala by Mayan artisans
We are working with an non profit organization that supplies fair trade items directly from female workshops in Guatemala.

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