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Shopping in Paris, France Posted on 10 May 06:00 , 0 comments

fashion designer Kate Stoltz in Paris Visiting Paris, France is as pleasurable as it is educational for a fashion designer. The shopping is plentiful and never disappoints, while the outdoor cafes between the stores provide a welcome, delicious break. The energy in the city is more sophisticated and romantic than the loud bustle of New York City. Walking along the street, you'll likely notice more women in dresses and heels than in sportswear and sneakers. The detailed architecture on the buildings and the balconies with flowers trailing down the rails complete the picture.
 Shopping in the designer clothing stores always takes up a couple full days of my visit. I walk down Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where one can find most of the top French design stores. On my second day, I'll seek out emerging brands to see new ideas and concepts. The clothing always feels more elegant and sophisticated than the more street-style friendly stores in New York City, which I love. I browse slowly, looking at every detail and design element until the attendants start to eye me suspiciously.
kate stoltz blouse and skirt
 Touching and feeling the clothing is an important part of learning the elements of what makes designer clothing feel and look different than bridge or mass market clothing. While I was attending the Fashion Institute of Technology as a design student, my design professors stressed the importance of looking at the actual clothing instead of images online. Their advice was on point- I always pick up fascinating design and finishing details that I would miss by just looking at a photograph. In addition, feeling the hand of the textiles is an experience in itself.
studying fashion in Paris
 By now, I can immediately tell the difference in a high quality garment, and if shortcuts have been taken to speed up the process. Seeing 1/8 French Seams on a silk chiffon blouse reminds me of the careful process of sewing, trimming and pressing that is taken for granted by individuals just looking at price tags. I gravitate towards hand beaded appliqués and hand finished garments, knowing how long it took to complete them. I rarely purchase something, since I personally am an emerging designer, and I'd rather funnel my finances into new collections. I don't shop to buy at this point in my career, I shop to learn. 
 Like any other industry, the fashion industry is always evolving. I will always be a student of the arts and of design. Finding other brands that are bringing ideas to the market that feel fresh but continue to carry the elegance that I feel during a trip to Paris always makes me feel happy and inspired. 
XOXO, Kate Stoltz
Blouse: Kate Stoltz Aegean Sea Silk Blouse
Pictured: Kate Stoltz getting ready for a day in Paris at La Réserve in France.
Kate Stoltz visiting Paris
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Kate Stoltz Greece Capsule Collection photographed overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea in the charming village of Emporio, Greece Posted on 16 Jan 12:39 , 0 comments

Why we chose Emporio for the shoot location: Emporio is a village on the island of Thira (Santorini) Greece. Santorini is well known for blue domed churches and white painted cavelike houses built into steep cliffs overlooking a sparkling blue ocean. A deluge of tourists flood the island during the day from cruise ships, while international guests flock to the towns of Oia and the capital, Fira. While Oia and Fira are especially crowded, the village of Emporio is still little known to most travelers. The quiet was the perfect place for us to photograph the collection, given we wanted to capture the collection without interruption or waiting for tourists to step out of the picture.

Emporio’s architectural landscape consists of winding steps and pastel stone walls with small windows. Some areas have been left to naturally deteriate - the stone walls crumbling to the ground they were taken out of.

A local sailor informed me that most of the churches were funded by wealthy religious travelers that were caught at sea during a storm. They promised God they would build a church if they made it to shore. There are over 250 churches on the 11.18 mile long island.

INSPIRATION: Before traveling to Greece, I studied the architecture, landscape and flora of the islands I was visiting. Architecture and nature are my main inspirations while designing. Greek nature is natural and fluid with colorful bougainvillea blooming abundantly. In contrast, Greek architecture is mostly straight and simple. The juxtaposition of elements made designing the pieces especially enjoyable.

It was important to me that we captured (in the photos) the jagged shoreline, the rugged cliffs, and the sea that sparkled like diamonds in the sun. It was a photo set that only nature and the location could provide. The afternoon light was gentle to the complexion but brilliant, streaming through the doorways and illuminating the pieces. The architecture in Emporio provided a charming backdrop with straight lines and pastel colors.

COLLECTION DETAILS: Delicate silks, luxurious satins, fine lace and wools were embellished with silk embroideries, semi-precious crystals and lace appliqués. The collection was made in New York, New York by the designer, Kate Stoltz, in her design studio, along with her team of local production professionals. Each piece was made with the greatest attention to detail, striving for excellence in construction, design and fit.

CREDITS: Matt Licari, a photographer that traveled from New York City, and Sissi Petropolous, a makeup artist based in Athens, Greece. Model and designer: Kate Stoltz

FAVORITE DINING SPOT IN SANTORINI: Ammoudi Bay Fish Tavern, a sea side restaurant in Ammoudi Bay, right next to Oia. You can sit on the dock by the water, and eat fresh fish caught early that morning by the local fishermen and fisherwomen.

Who I am Today Posted on 4 May 14:03 , 0 comments

I am not who I was ten years ago, a year ago, or yesterday. None of us are. Before you make assumptions about my statement, read the explanation below.

The human existence is much more complex than one single factor... Imagine placing a flower on a white canvas. The flower is the entire picture. You then place a sheer piece of organza over the flower. You can still see the flower, but the organza captures the light and the thin layer is between your eye and the flower. The flower is no longer the entire picture. You keep adding layers of materials to the canvas, distorting the image of the flower. What you see is no longer a flower, but the result of everything you have added on top of it. The flower will be there no matter how many layers you add onto the canvas, but you wouldn't point to your canvas and say that the entire picture is defined by flower. At this point, the organza is as relevant as the flower is.

When you are born, you are like the flower. Everything you learn and experience is like having another piece of material layered on top, changed you and shaping you. We have the incredible human capability to learn from experience and example, allowing us to speak, learn new information and walk. People we have met, places we have visited, and things we have done throughout our lifetime have made us into the people we are today. Good or bad, every moment adds another layer to our existence.

I am more complex than the color of my skin, where I am from, my religious or personal beliefs, job title or any other factor that is easy to point out. We all are. Single factors like where we are from are all very important, but focusing on only one of the many factors of a human existence only limits us to an incomplete picture. Seeing other people for who they are today is the same, since they too change as time goes on. Even if there is no effort to change in an individual, it happens to everyone. No one has control over time.

Who we are today is everything we have been, but who we were is not everything we are today. The present is the only place in time where we have all the layers that are our existence. The person you were ten years ago is still there, but it's been transformed every single day since then by new experiences. Running from past experiences is not what I am suggesting, since it helped create who we are today. But being able to move past what was, and focus on what is right now allows us to embrace the present situation. It's up to us what the layers of our present and future will look like.

XO- Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz
Fashion Designer Kate Stoltz photographed by Lena Shkoda in New York City

New Year's Resolutions in Aspen Posted on 15 Jan 13:12 , 4 comments

Kate Stoltz in Aspen
Do you believe in making New Year's Resolutions? I do for business goals. However, I believe personal goals should be updated on a daily basis, not necessarily on a yearly basis. As humans, we are subjected to ever changing life circumstances, human error and outside influences. My only personal goal is to improve the person I already am, on multiple emotional and physical levels. I believe that resolution alone covers a lot of ground. In the meantime, career goals are much easier to look at in a yearly context. Numbers don't lie, and it's easy to make goals based on the information on our tax returns alone.

I started by writing down three of my biggest goals, then added details beneath each goal. I am keeping the piece of handwritten paper to read until the end of this year. Knowing that I have my goals written down and stored in a safe place, I know I need to accomplish (at least) ninety percent of them.

Kate Stoltz in AspenTo start the year off with a fresh start, I spent the New Year out in snowy Aspen, Colorado. Having learned how to snowboard in my teens, I still enjoy spending a couple of days shredding the slopes. Literally shredding the slopes, considering that most skiers actually hate snowboarders.. our wide boards pack the powder and the slopes can become icy. A new board, combined with a year long absence from the slopes made the first day on the slopes a little treacherous for me. However, snowboarding is like riding a bike- you never really forget how to ride.

Gliding down the slopes during the day, shopping in the town of Aspen with my dog Victoria after the slopes closed, then going out to dinner with friends was a satisfactory way to bring in the new year. The fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery was a welcome retreat from New York City... I will be back <3

I wish everyone the best in the upcoming year in both personal and career goals. I hope you enjoyed your own New Year's celebrations!
XO, Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz in Aspen
Rocky Mountains in Aspen
Kate Stoltz in Aspen
On the slopes of Aspen
Kate Stoltz in Aspen
Approaching Cloud Nine for a cup of tomato soup
tomato soup in Aspen
View from Cloud Nine
town of Aspen
The town of Aspen as seen from the slopes
Kate Stoltz travel companion
Kate Stoltz's faithful travel companion 

Why Ubud, Bali needs to be on Your Travel List Posted on 16 Sep 04:00 , 6 comments

Kate Stoltz Bali IndonesiaIf you are planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia, then Ubud needs to be added to the list of places that you are planning to visit. I had the pleasure of spending a week in this beautiful country, and fell in love with Ubud. The rich culture, the kind people, the food, the jungle and the peaceful air was an incredible experience. I stayed at the Viceroy in Ubud, which is in the middle of the jungle.woke up to the peaceful sound of birds chirping, and fell asleep to the sound of crickets. The air was refreshing, and it was the most peaceful, beautiful setting. During the day, I visited the Saraswati Temple, a beautiful, ancient Hindu temple that is still attended daily by the locals.  

Temples in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia- must see places by Kate Stoltz Saraswati Temples in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Hindu offerings at Saraswati Temple in Ubud Bali Indonesia

Hindu offerings at the Saraswati Temple in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Kate Stoltz at Hindu Temple in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Kate Stoltz at the Saraswati Hindu Temple in Ubud, Bali
 Breakfast at the Viceroy was fresh fruit from the jungle, fresh fresh ground coffee and local eggs.
Breakfast at viceroy in ubud bali indonesia
Breakfast at the Viceroy
Kate Stoltz Travel in Ubud Bali, Indonesia
The view from the breakfast table
 The rice fields are just as peaceful and beautiful as the temple and the hotel. The amount of labor that the farmers put into maintaining their rice fields is impressive. Each patty needs to have enough water, but not too much... The farmers work the fields by hand and get up very early in the morning to maintain these fields.
rice fields in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia by Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz by the rice fields in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
 I want to do yoga here every morning, then sip tea and listen to the birds.. Yoga mats by the rice fields in Ubud Bali by Kate Stoltz
Yoga mats by the rice fields in Ubud Bali in the jungle
 The Hindu and Buddhist culture was integrated into the land and people. The kind way they treated me and each other, the statues and the ancient carvings was all so real, inspiring and incredibly natural. I left a big piece of my heart in Ubud, Bali <3 XO-Kate StoltzBuddha statue at the Viceroy in Ubud Bali by Kate Stoltz
Buddhist statue at the Viceroy in Ubud Bali

My Personal Favorite Museum in New York City Posted on 13 Jul 06:30 , 0 comments

What is there to do in New York City? The many museums in Manhattan are a great place to start.. I've been visiting museums every day for the last couple of weeks for an art class. Yesterday, we visited the Frick Collection, which quickly became my favorite museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a close second, but the Frick collection offers a more private experience. It's definitely worth seeing. Frick Collection courtyard in New York City

Indoor Courtyard at the Frick Collection

Just a little background: Henry Frick was a wealthy merchant that built an elaborate mansion on 5th Avenue in the late 1800's. He built the mansion to live in, but intended it to eventually become a museum. Frick loved art, especially pieces of beautiful sceneries and women. The walls are lined with incredible works from the likes of Claude Monet, Vermeer, Van Dyke and many other masters. The Frick Collection doesn't allow photos to be taken inside the museum, only in the courtyard. Photos don't do the Frick Collection justice though. You really need to go yourself to enjoy the mansion, the valuable art and the courtyards Frick Collection outdoor courtyard in New York City

Frick Collection outdoor courtyard

Sand Dunes and Sunsets of the Hamptons Posted on 5 Jul 08:27 , 4 comments

kate stoltz photography southampton Imagine if ten percent of Manhattan residents left their buildings at one time and tried to drive out of the city as fast as possible. That's what it feels like if you leave the city at 4pm on Independence Day Weekend. I left right after class, but still didn't beat the evening traffic. Traffic was so slow that I jumped out of the car to grab food at a deli while the driver kept driving. Five minutes later, I was back in the car- ready for the road trip.

 Even though the traffic can be horrendous, the drive to the Hamptons is worth it. I had the pleasure of staying in Montauk for the Fourth of July Weekend. The Hamptons are incredible for a good dose of visual inspiration. A casual and cool nautical theme is consistent through the towns, boutiques, homes, restaurants and of course, the outfits of the stylishly dressed visitors and locals. There are designer boutiques, delicious restaurants, barbecues, beach bonfires, and pretty much anything you could want at a beach except for Uber drivers....  

kate stoltz storm clouds in southampton

Storm clouds at Flying Point Beach, Southampton

 Pretty dunes on the beach and the beautiful sunsets make up for the fact that the water is too cold for most to go into. I made sure to take my camera with me wherever I went to capture the pretty sunsets and storm clouds. Here are a couple of my favorite snaps of the beach and of Hampton's nature.

 XO- Kate Stoltz

kate stoltz southampton sunset
Calm sunset in Southampton
XO- Kate Stoltz

Governors Ball 2016 as experienced by Kate Stoltz Posted on 5 Jun 14:53 , 2 comments

Established in 2011, Governors Ball has quickly become the best festival in New York City, and one of the top music events in the United States. It is an annual summer concert that had over 60 acts in 3 days. The action packed event happens a short ferry ride off of Manhattan on Governors Island. The Governor’s Ball 2016 lineup included Kanye West, The Killers, Haim, Of Monsters and Men, The Strokes, Mac Miller and many others.

South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia Posted on 31 May 23:30 , 0 comments

Kate Stoltz travel to Indian Ocean, South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

People often ask me what inspires me. The answer is simple: Travel. I love traveling, and get inspired by the different cultures, landscapes and lifestyles. Here are a couple of photos that I took while I was in South Kuta in Bali, Indonesia. ❤ XO, Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz travel to Indian Ocean, South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Kate Stoltz travel to Indian Ocean, South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

          Kate Stoltz travel to Indian Ocean, South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Donkeys in Aruba Posted on 6 Jan 08:00 , 0 comments

Aruba is a small island with a beautiful beach, great food and a quick flight from New York City. Things you need to do while you're in Aruba include renting a Range Rover and exploring the island for a day. Take a short twenty minute drive to the eastern part of the island, and you'll come across cliffs, rocky beaches, cactus, and wild donkeys. The freely roaming donkeys were the most unexpected part of the trip: they ambled about munching on grass without a care in the world...
Aruba  from the airplane
Donkey in Aruba
cactus in aruba
fireworks in Aruba
Kate Stoltz in Aruba
Fireworks are legal in Aruba, so a couple of families were hanging out on the beach setting some off in the evening. Never afraid of trying something new, I lit a couple fireworks myself.
       Time feels quicker while traveling.
Near the sea, we forget to count the days.
XO, Kate Stoltz