A Peek into a Typical Winter Day for Kate Stoltz Posted on 5 Mar 06:00 , 38 comments

 A winter snowstorm has once again transformed the outdoors into a glittering, shimmering wonderland. I took a walk this morning before the snow and ice melted from the trees and the outdoors returned to brown and grey again. My dog, Victoria, joined me on the excursion. It was too cold for her to walk on the snow for long, but we both enjoyed the fresh air.
femme luxe fuchsia oversized jumper
 I wore a fuchsia jumper gifted by Femme Luxe with some black jeans and boots. Since I wasn’t planning to stay outside for a long time, the cozy knit sweater was enough to keep me warm. The bright fuchsia is a fun color to wear, especially in the wintertime when the Northeast outdoors gets dreary and cold.
After walking to a waterfall I discovered on a previous run, I headed back indoors to  work on a custom gown for me to wear to an upcoming Winter Gala. The Winter Gala is being hosted to help raise funds for the next Developing Faces mission to Guatemala. (Developing Faces is a 501c3 charity that provides high quality surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities living in developing countries. I am the CEO and the event coordinator for the non profit organization.)
fuchsia oversized jumper by femme luxe
Today I am working on thread-tracing the seams, which is done along complex seam lines so the sewing is more precise. Thread tracing is especially helpful when making a form fitting garment such as a gown that has been patterned, sampled, adjusted and sampled again to get a perfect fit. While it is rather time consuming, it is worth the extra time when working with expensive textiles and complex patterns, where being off an eighth of an inch means it needs to be recut and sewn again.
After working on the gown for the rest of the day, I close my design studio and try to enjoy the rest of the evening. After cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner, I always plan out my day for tomorrow and try to prioritize what needs to be done first. Planning out my day the evening before always helps me start my work the next day in a timely manner, and gives me some structure instead of blindly trying to tackle whatever is on front of me.
On a normal weekday, I usually take care of any orders that need to be sent out first. After packaging (or making, in the case of a custom garment) I do any book keeping that needs to be done. Then, if there is time left in my day, I go into my design studio and do what I do what I really enjoy about being a designer: sketch, work on a gown or study the latest collections from my most highly respected brands' international fashion shows.
femme luxe stone bardot knitted sweater
Finally, I love curling up by the fireplace and reading a couple pages from my current novel to quiet my mind before going to bed. Femme Luxe gifted me another cozy stone bardot cable knit oversized jumper that made my evening even cozier. I've been wearing a lot of sweaters this winter, and find that layering them over a white linen button up with a collar or tie front comfortably dresses them up a little.
kate stout wearing femme luxe stone bardot oversized sweater
 What are your favorite ways to dress up a sweater? I'd love to hear! Let me know in the comment section. (Trust me, I always read the comments :) )
Fuchsia Jumper and Stone Bardot Sweater: gifted by Femme Luxe
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