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Introducing a New Draping Method Posted on 6 Jan 09:04 , 614 comments

The hammered silk skirt was made using a placket behind the measured ruching. Inspired by the trendy cord ruching that I am seeing everywhere but wanting something a little different and more refined, I came up with a new technique that looks especially incredible rendered in hammered silk. The silk is tacked onto a placket at measured intervals, leaving a precisely measured amount of ease between each attachment that causes the fabric to evenly drape. The skirt has the measured ruching along the right side of the skirt, lifting the ankle length skirt asymmetrically to show the leg while adding volume and dimension to the skirt.

ruched hammered silk asymmetrical draped skirt

Kate Stoltz NYC Metallic Pencil Skirt Posted on 27 May 18:22 , 17 comments

Kate Stoltz metallic pencil skirt
The metallic pencil skirt is made of metallic blush and black jacquard. Fully lined with black 100% silk, and hand finished at the hem, the skirt closes in the back with an invisible zipper, and a hook and eye at the waist belt. 
 Available in sizes 0 to 24, the metallic pencil skirt is custom made to each client's measurements if they are entered at the time of purchase. 
 Photographed in Central Park, Manhattan New York in the Spring.
Kate Stoltz Skirt
Central Park is very green in May, creating picturesque reflections in the ponds and streams. The naturally highly saturated green foliage is a welcome sight after months of dreary skies and brown trees. A run in the park is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, so I decided to take my work there. The image below is only one of the many beautiful spots- you really have to go out and experience it first hand to fully appreciate it...
Central Park by Kate Stoltz
xo,Kate Stoltz

Cotton Candy Street Art by Kate Stoltz Posted on 12 Feb 11:29 , 336 comments

kate stoltz nyc designer skirt

I'm always aware of my visual surroundings, sometimes to the point of neglecting other important details (like cars and other pedestrians). This cotton candy #colorsoftheyear street art on 10th Avenue and 50th Street in Manhattan caught my eye. The massive art stood out from the grey and brown sidewalks, sky and moods of the people around me. What a cheerful and artsy but unexpected encounter in the midst of Hells Kitchen in New York City! :)

kate stoltz nyc fashion designer

kate stoltz nyc fashion designer

 Skirt: Kate Stoltz pencil skirt

Shirt: Tory Burch

Dog: Victoria Stoltz instagram

Occasion: Victoria's 2nd Birthday

Location: 50th Street and 10th Avenue, Manhattan

The pencil skirt is a one of a kind piece that I (Kate Stoltz) designed.. If you really like the skirt but are a different size or want a different fabric, I make skirts upon special request. You'll need your waist, hip and preferred length measurements. The skirt is your oyster when you order a custom piece :) XO -Kate Stoltz