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The Abstract Fluted Gown Photographed in Santorini, Greece Posted on 26 Sep 06:00 , 45 comments

Kate Stoltz fluted gown in Santorini Greece
The Kate Stoltz Fluted Gown in Emporio, Greece
 The best light I have ever worked with was in the charming village of Emporio in Santorini, Greece.  Photographer Matt Licari and Sissi Petropolou joined me in Santorini for the lifestyle/brand photoshoot. The afternoon light combined with the white walls and beautiful Greek architecture were worth the trip. In the process, we as a team created images that not only display the work that I do, but also the very mood and essence of the world that inspire me to continue designing. 
The pieces from the Kate Stoltz collection that were used were created specifically for the trip to Santorini, Greece. However, my three weeks traveling to different areas in Greece gave me a solid understanding of what makes Greece so special. I can't wait to work on new pieces, and use photos from Santorini, Mykonos and Crete on my mood and color boards! 

Kate Stoltz walking in the charming village of Emporio, Greece

Kate Stoltz walking in the charming village of Emporio, Greece

The Abstract Fluted Gown by Kate Stoltz was created by hand sewing bias strips onto the bodice, which is complete with a bustier. The light silk skirt offsets the detailed bodice, giving body and freedom to the flow of the dress.

Kate Stoltz Fluted Gown in Santorini GreeceKate Stoltz Fluted Gown

To order a made to measure piece for yourself, visit Select your size, then include your current bust, waist, hip and height measurements in the comment form. Since this garment is made to order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. XOXO, Kate Stoltz
Photographer: Matt Licari
Makeup Artist: Sissi Petropolou
Designer, Stylist and Model: Kate Stoltz


Relaxed Beach Vibes in a Kate Stoltz NYC Distressed Kimono Blouse Posted on 13 Aug 06:00 , 15 comments

The Kate Stoltz NYC distressed shirt has been created to match the beach mood. I used a light and cool pastel fabric that can be worn on a hot day, or layered with a tank top on a cooler beach night. First I stitched the ends of the fabric with a tiny stitch to secure the fibers that I wanted to keep. I then removed the loose end fibers to create a frayed look. The ends of the two-tiered shirt, and the front detail on the shirt are finished with the resulting bespoke fringe. However, not all the ends are 'coming undone'. As I do with all Kate Stoltz NYC garments, I carefully finished the inside seams, this time using a 1/4 inch French seam.

Riverside Park on the Upper West Side Posted on 28 Jan 08:30 , 179 comments

kate stoltz nyc designer dressSunsets are my favorite part of day. I always take a moment out of my day to appreciate the magical colors in the sky at that magical hour. Sometimes I will leave work and see that the sun is starting to set, and will run a couple of streets where I can take in the view.    

kate stoltz nyc fashion designer 

I took a stroll out to Riverside Park yesterday evening after work, which runs from 72nd street to 125th street on the West Side in Manhattan. The cotton candy sky and the lights on the New Jersey side of the Hudson made the walk worth while.

The dress that I was wearing is a bespoke custom made Kate Stoltz piece that you can purchase here: . The sleeveless, cream colored brocade dress is a versatile staple that can be worn in many different places. You can wear the Kate Stoltz dress with a jacket, tights and heels like I did, or pair it with tall boots and a statement necklace for a younger look. The high quality brocade and the silk lining feels luxurious and comfortable while looking sharp enough to wear to an important interview or dinner.

Stay warm and enjoy your day!

XO, Kate Stoltz

kate stoltz dress designer
The colors in the sunset inspire me when I am designing or painting, but no matter how creative humans are, we are no match for nature's beauty.-Kate stoltz

A Rose to Help the Children of Guatemala Posted on 27 Oct 19:48 , 110 comments

kate stoltz new york city fashion designer

I first started working with Developing Faces in 2014 after meeting a member of the kate stoltz cashmere modal scarf to help the childrenorganization through a friend. I went along on the first mission in March 2015. Our team completed 28 complicated surgeries on children and babies with cleft palates, bilateral cleft palates, cleft lip, and ear microtia. 

 The mission was life changing for me- I now understand why some people get so passionate about the work they do for a charity. The children were absolutely adorable, and the parents' gratitude was sincere and overwhelming.
 A mission: an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation.
Kate Stoltz high quality cashmere modal scarf new york city designerI decided to design a scarf
exclusively to help fund Developing Faces' mission. The 'a rose to help the children' scarf was made with 10% cashmere to make it extra soft, and 90% modal to make it airy and lightweight.
kate stoltz cashmere modal scarf
The scarf was inspired by the floating rose petals that I saw while I was visiting the Santa Domingo Monastery in Antigua, Guatemala.

kate stoltz design inspiration

My favorite colors to wear with the scarf are classic black and white:

kate stoltz style fashion design modal cashmere soft scarfkate stoltz fashion design style cashmere modal scarf kate stoltz high quality cashmere modal scarf with red rose

100% of profits from sales of the scarves will go towards funding the upcoming surgeries the organization will be doing in Guatemala.

kate stoltz fashion designer style

XO -Kate Stoltz