Relaxed Beach Vibes in a Kate Stoltz NYC Distressed Kimono Blouse Posted on 13 Aug 06:00 , 14 comments

Kate stoltz NYC bespoke distressed designer shirt  Going to the beach reminds me that beauty isn't always polished and neat.. sometimes it's distressed, old and weatherbeaten. The beach wood that has been lying in the sun has a different kind of attractiveness than the polished metal, glass and steel of New York City. The value in beach wood is the weathering that has happened over a long period of time...

 The Kate Stoltz NYC distressed kimono sleeve blouse hasn't been lying out in the sun like beach wood, but I created it to match the beach mood. I used a light and cool pastel fabric that can be worn on a hot day, or layered on a cooler beach night.

 First I stitched the ends of the fabric with a tiny stitch to secure the fibers that I wanted to keep. I then removed the loose end fibers to create a frayed look. The ends of the two-tiered shirt, and the front detail on the shirt are finished with the resulting bespoke fringe. However, not all the ends are 'coming undone'. As I do with all Kate Stoltz garments, I carefully finished the inside seams, this time using a 1/4 inch French seam.  XO- Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz NYC bespoke designer shirt

kate stoltz nyc designer

kate stoltz nyc designer

Shirt: Kate Stoltz NYC

Sandals: Vince Camuto
Location: Southampton, New York