Maya Artisans from Guatemala Posted on 17 Aug 06:00 , 18 comments

Kate Stoltz is partnering with female Maya artisans through a 501c3 nonprofit organization that ensures the artisans are paid fair, living wages. Maya artisans living in Guatemala are world renowned for their beautiful backstap hand weaving- a technique that has been passed down for generations.

Kate Stoltz in Guatemala 

 While the Guatemalan Maya artisans are known for their beautiful handwoven work, they are often exploited and underpaid for their work by tourists and international buyers. This makes it hard for the women to get and/or provide education and proper nutrition for themselves and their families. When Kate Stoltz visited Guatemala City on a Developing Faces mission, she witnessed first hand the dire need that some of these women face. While she immediately wanted to bring some of the products to the United States, she first wanted to ensure that the artisans that were making the products were paid fair wages. 

 Twenty percent of all sales go towards Developing Faces, a 501c3 nonprofit that provides high quality surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities living in developing countries. Fifty percent of sales go towards the Maya artisans for their work. Thirty percent of sales go towards shipping, inventory, marketing, handling, web upkeep and other costs. Our goal is to establish a sustainable supply line and raise funds for the next Developing Faces mission, all while bringing beautiful products to a local market.

 To shop the products, visit: Maya Handwoven Products

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