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Waking up to a Winter Wonderland Posted on 11 Dec 14:07 , 0 comments

Isn't it a great feeling waking up to find the world transformed into a winter wonderland? Once the leaves fall to the ground, the outdoors start looking brown and drab, so I'm always delighted to see the world glistening with a fresh snow fall. The snow on every branch and brightens up the world and makes it look nice and clean. I always try to bundle up in a nice warm coat take a walk or drive before the snow melts from the trees or the roads and sidewalks get trampled.

Navy Groovalution Jumpsuit Posted on 20 Aug 10:58 , 0 comments

While I prefer wearing gowns and clothing for special events for my brand, Kate Stoltz, I find approximately ninety percent of my life requires more casual clothing. Making patterns and sewing samples is anything but glamorous work- I'll wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or jumpsuit on most days. Wearing an outfit that is easy to style and clean is important to me while I am working. That way I can focus on completing the job instead of worrying about snagging or staining an expensive piece. I also cook a lot, and refuse to wear anything silk because grease does go well with silk.
The majority of the clothing in my closet are samples of pieces I have personally designed. As a result, my closet is a little more unbalanced than most. Over seventy five percent of my closet consists of...

Summer in Nantucket Posted on 30 Jul 14:31 , 1 comment

Nantucket is a small, quiet island right off the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts known for grey shingled houses, cobble stoned streets, and dune-backed beaches. Some travelers take the ferry from harbors in Manhattan, New York or Massachusetts, while others opt to fly into the small airport. 

One of my favorite spots was by the Brant Point lighthouse, located by the entrance of the Nantucket Harbor. The historic building is a great place to visit, especially e