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Cherry blossoms are blooming in Central Park. The pretty pink flowers signal the beginning of spring and summer time in New York City, adding color to the brown landscape. As the weather warms up, the happiness gets carried into the gloomy subways- a welcome change noticed by daily commuters that have dealt with the cumulative misery of millions of faces during the winter.
cherry blossoms in manhattan
The best place to see the cherry blossoms in Manhattan, New York is on the west side of the reservior in Central Park. While the pathways get crowded on the weekends by the ever increasing crowds trying to get photos for Instagram, Central Park is rather peaceful right after sunrise. However, the happy tunes of a drummer and the sound of laughter floating through the air on a warm day in the city are a pleasant experience.
cherry blossoms in central park
If you're visiting the city, just make sure to wear comfortable shoes when going to Central Park to see the blossoms. You'll want to walk, or even run, all over the place. There's always another bridge, fountain, statue, or body of water just down the path that you'll want to see.
cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms have always been special for me- I grew up with a row of blossoming cherry trees and honeysuckle along our long driveway. The trees and shrubs have since been removed, but I'll never forget the sweet fragrance of blooming cherry blossoms and honeysuckle in air. As children, my siblings and I frequently cut bouquets from the flower gardens for our mother as a surprise. The cherry blossoms were among my favorite flowers from the garden.
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