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 upstate new york hiking trailsWant to see the changing leaves, smell the fresh, fall air and escape the crowds of Central Park? You don't have to travel far from New York City to immerse yourself into nature. Drive forty five minutes north from Midtown Manhattan, and you'll find yourself in the midst of splashing waterfalls, serene lakes and secluded hiking trails. Harriman State Park in Upstate New York has hundreds of miles of gorgeous, dog-friendly hiking trails waiting to be explored.

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I recently spent a day hiking Reeves Brook Loop Trail. Before heading out, I packed plenty of water, a sandwich, almonds, a granola bar and (my dog) Victoria's water bowl into a backpack. While the leaves were a little past the most colorful point of the season, the experience was still pretty incredible. The quickly fading colorful leaves contrasted beautifully with the bright green moss that grew all over the trees, rocks, and fallen logs. The cool, fresh fall air mixed with the intoxicating scent of fallen leaves was exhilarating. My dog (Victoria) and I hiked for a couple of hours before returning to our urban apartment in Manhattan. The day was a much needed retreat for both of us. I was able to clear my head while Victoria was able to explore and sniff to her heart's content.

I look forward to returning next summer to see the lakes, wild birds and animals.  Next fall, I'm planning to head out a little earlier (in the last week of October) to see the changing fall leaves. 

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