Slowing Down Time for a Weekend Posted on 30 Jun 13:09 , 0 comments

white Matouk pool towelMy mother always sighed and said the summer is going too fast.. Now that I'm older, time does seem to go faster every year. There's a scientific reason for that: apparently our brain remembers new experiences more vividly than it remembers common every day experiences. According to physiologist and BBC columnist Claudia Hammond, we can slow down the perception of passing time by introducing ourselves to new and spontaneous experiences more frequently.
I took the day off yesterday to relax by the pool with two of my friends. I met both of them while we were all attending the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design, so we all had a great time discussing the current industry and what we are all currently working on. We ate fresh sandwiches from the local market and sipped on refreshing beverages. The pool helped keep up cool in the balmy June weather as we chatted. Sitting at a pool certainly wasn't a new experience for any of us, but it helped us appreciate the summer and slow down time for a day.
Kate Stoltz
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